Wu Gengji: black dragon why abdicate actively, let human take charge of the world, the reason only white dragon know

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Black dragon, white dragon, yellow dragon, red dragon and blue dragon are one of the five true dragon gods in ancient times, and they are also the most valiant warriors of the ancient god family. Among these five true dragon gods, black dragon is the most powerful.Black dragon days are strongest since open at the beginning of the ancient god of heaven and earth, and can handle a variety of divine power and every kind of divine power at the same time can play to the top power, never able to defeat the black dragon god, also can’t be able to transcend the black dragon god, whether in ancient protoss the peak period, also took charge of the era of pangu, the symbol of the black dragon is invincible,Wu Gengji is also the absolute ceiling of this work, no one can beat the legend.Black dragon day contrary to the protoss, even god also has a certain life, while the black dragon, his life eternal immortal, the strength of strong beyond the normal thing in the world, now has survived for more than one hundred thousand years, at the helm of divinity in one hundred thousand, no racial dares to challenge the authority of the black dragon, even the natural disposition is killing ghost wouldn’t make a move.It is also because of the strong black dragon, he extremely look down on the weak human, and will call them monkeys, never put them in the eyes, but The final outcome of Wu Gengji is black dragon day active abdication, let human in charge of the world.Black dragon entrenched god of the Lord’s position has been one hundred thousand years of time, because of his invincible, so that all god, mix, human beings feel deeply powerless, but is such an absolute invincible god, there are things he can not do, that is white dragon.Can say.Black dragon became the Lord of the divine world, and will take the initiative to abdicate, all because of white dragon.One hundred thousand years ago, the black dragon of the underworld saw the white dragon died in the hands of the Lord Pangu of the divine realm. The angry black dragon day slaughtered the ancient god tribe, including the Lord Pangu of the god tribe was also killed, and the black dragon day became the Lord of the new divine realm, the purpose is to resurrect the white dragon.And the black dragon will give way, but also has a lot to do with the white dragon.Before the war comes, Arashi sneaked into the divine realm, in the white dragon resurrection the most fragile time, chose to move, bring about the resurrection of the white dragon body fall, which makes black dragon nearly crazy.Want to know black dragon in order to resurrect white dragon, spent 100 thousand years of time to wait, to black dragon character, do not have what more important than white dragon, also do not have anyone to be able to replace white dragon.One hundred thousand years ago for the white dragon, the black dragon massacred the ancient gods, and one hundred thousand years later for the white dragon, the black dragon can still destroy the world.Lost the white dragon after the black dragon temperament changes greatly, has no significance to revenge, lost interest to everything, also lost the significance of which includes the position of the Lord of the god clan.Lose the black dragon white dragon, just want to leave the celestial thoroughly, to divine the mess, originally wants to pass his son ten sentences, but beat the yellow dragon in ten sentences, and kill ashes after eye, god and the strongest in the world can only be Wu Geng, although Wu Geng is human, but in the black dragon and the Wu Geng battle, saw the potential and actual strength, Wu GengPerhaps no one is more suitable than Wu Geng to become the Lord of god, instead of their own management of this god.Wu Geng inherited the position of the Lord of god, black dragon chose to become another observer, no longer meddling in the world’s things, and the artifact of the blood spear to Wu Geng.And Wugeng became the new god of the Lord, and the black dragon completely disappeared in this world.