Be patient and wait for liquidity to return

2022-07-11 0 By

Notes:From the market perspective, the leading plate did not break away from the downward trend, trading volume did not effectively magnify, liquidity did not return to the market attribute rebound, not blindly optimistic from the market point of view, the rise in crude oil prices to drive related themes, new energy vehicles continue to sell hot, active lithium,New energy vehicles are not sensitive to lithium is also relative, the focus is different today macro data will be released, internationally, the market is not stable, domestic imports and exports and investment growth this year double decline concerns remain, short-term expectations are unstable,Also troubled market liquidity, expectations of instability and international uncertainty in the background, the bottom is not now, can not be too deep into the play.The operation is suitable for light warehouse, fast in and out, hot spots will be very scattered and not strong