Xiuyu District education system party branches to carry out volunteer service activities for party members

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Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes.All party branches of the Education system in Xiuyu District responded positively, went into the frontline of epidemic prevention and control, actively showed their party membership and reported to the party organizations where they lived, and became community guardians, epidemic prevention attendants and epidemic propagandists. They tried their best to do good deeds and practical things for epidemic prevention and control, and fulfilled their original mission with practical actions.Area first affiliated elementary school teacher training school early in the morning, on March 23, area first affiliated elementary school teacher training school party branch qing-hua zheng, Chen wei teachers came to dean to the nearest pond community party branch to report for duty, take the initiative to obey community work schedules and scheduling, for their own protection at the same time, cooperate with the work of community staff do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.They publicized the national epidemic prevention and control policies and relevant knowledge to residents in and out of the community, reminded them to wear masks, checked the temperature, health code and travel card of passengers and drivers in and out of the community, and built a tight defense line for epidemic prevention and control in the community.In the activity, the volunteer service members showed the good spirit of the teachers and gave full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of the party members with their active, civilized and polite, warm and sincere, earnest and meticulous service.”Communities are the first line of defense against COVID-19. In schools, we are guides for students, and in communities, we are guardians for people.”In the face of the epidemic, party members and teachers of the Affiliated No.1 Primary School “give up the small family to care for everyone”, and fulfill the sacred mission of a Party member and a people’s teacher with actions and perseverance, and fulfill the promise that a party member is a banner, fully showing the spirit of party members and teachers in the forefront, bravely shoulder the burden, and bear the responsibility.In view of the current situation of epidemic prevention and control, Daitou First Center Primary School in Xiuyu District earnestly implements voluntary service measures and actively carries out volunteer service activities of party members and teachers to help the community in epidemic prevention and control.During the screening work, party members, teachers, volunteers and community workers worked together to conduct telephone screening of permanent and temporary residents in each household to learn about their travel, COVID-19 vaccination and nucleic acid testing.At the same time, we will actively promote the knowledge of COVID-19 vaccination, eliminate the panic of the public, and guide people to scientifically understand the importance of vaccination.Go deep into the village to encourage people to return, participate in the tedious work such as on-duty garrison, checking the code and measuring the temperature, and information inquiry, so that the Party flag flies high in the front line of the campaign.Party members, teachers and volunteers also took to the streets to distribute leaflets on epidemic prevention and control to residents, explaining the latest policies on epidemic prevention and control, popularizing basic knowledge of epidemic prevention and control, and instructing them not to gather, not to visit doors, wear masks, and take environmental prevention and control measures seriously.(feed:Dai head first central primary school Li-qin huang Liu Bing pinghai first center elementary school on March 23, xiuyu district coastal gas at low temperature with the rain, but the flat sea calls the first center elementary school teachers, smell makes the move, to stand up, for the schiscosomiasis (community) epidemic prevention and control into the “hard core” strength, with practical action to warm, reveal teachers strength,Let the exemplary role of the vanguard of party members play real, resounding.”Please show me your health code and itinerary code, thank you for your cooperation!””Please pull over to the side of the road for registration of vehicles and personnel, thank you!”…Party members and teachers of Pinghai No. 1 Central Primary School obey the unified arrangement of the community, actively cooperate with the community staff to carry out community guard duty at the vanguard post of Pinghai Community, and do a good job in the work of scanning codes, temperature measurement and registration of entering vehicles and people, providing solid support and service guarantee for the epidemic prevention work.Volunteer service team members and teachers with enthusiasm and patience carefully build a “security line”.Party members and teachers busy figure, become a street, bayonet a beautiful scenery line, bring you is another kind of warmth.”At present, it is incumbent on party members and teachers to help prevent and control the epidemic in communities.If there is anything the community needs from us, we will do our best!””We are not tired and afraid of hardships. It is an honor and pride to fight against the epidemic.”Party members teachers have said.East wind warm, flowers open.When the epidemic hit, I went to work.The Party members and teachers of Pinghai No.1 Central Primary School take practical actions to fulfill the mission of the original aspiration, take initiative and have the courage to take responsibility, and give full play to the role of “highlighting identity and strengthening Party spirit” in epidemic prevention and control, and let the Party flag fly high in the frontline of epidemic prevention and control.(Contributed by Zhuo Qingchang, Lin Qunfeng, Pinghai First Central Primary School)