Warm and healing morning. It’s perfect to post on moments

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1, don’t love meaningless people or things, carrying garbage hand how to get out of the gift.On the new journey, the past to zero, love and hate at will, the past does not look back, the future will not do.Don’t expect everyone to understand you, you don’t have to understand everyone, gathering and parting is the law of life, without hurting spring sadness and autumn.In this beautiful and regrettable world, you and I are travelers from afar, constantly walking, desperate, crying, laughing, reluctant to stay in the world, just for the sake of this trip.Good morning!Don’t worry about yourself. After the passage of time, it’s not worth worrying about.Such is life, lost here, tend to be rewarded there.It’s like love. You get hurt here, but you get spoiled in that one.Good night!May you strive hard to feel the world;May your heart be calm and strong, live unrestrained;Wish you in this fresh and publicity of the age, frankly do not waste this life.It is better to be quiet than to laugh against your will. It is better to operate your own dignity and beauty than to care about others’ betrayal and mismanagement.Be sure to redouble efforts to become good, until one day to meet the right talent will not be embarrassed, unprepared.Give yourself time, don’t worry, step by step, day by day, please believe that the toughness of life is amazing, with their upward heart to cooperate, don’t give up on their love.- three hair after 10, met all kinds of people, you just know, originally the world in addition to parents no one rink hijinks tao lung for you, no one will unconditionally trust you completely, no one has been good for you, you should understand, it will be black, people change, and life so long, the road that far, you can only depend on oneself, has no other choice.Grow up, no longer impulse anger, mostly not really wear off the temper and character.But understand, in this world some people pretend to force some people hit the face, some people lie some people exposed.So learned to slow down and look on coldly.Time, will precipitate the most real emotions, wind and rain, will test the warmest company.Go far, just fleeting clouds and smoke, leaving, is worth cherishing love.Life is full of disappointment, not all the waiting can be fulfilled.You have to laugh right and don’t panic.Didn’t marry don’t panic, don’t be busy to marry, manage yourself, cherish the present time, everything should always come, afraid of what years long, you are kind will have a person to accompany you to ride a horse and drink away.Write your name in the heart of my hand, spread out is miss, grip is happiness, I just want to like this, hand in hand to give you a gentle life.Only wish you vigorous life at this moment, it doesn’t matter where to go, it doesn’t matter who to see.The places you’re going to are places you’ve never seen before.The people you will meet will become your friends.My heart beats for you every day. I am inspired by you every minute, and I worry about you every second.It feels so good to have you.Time, not necessarily can prove a lot of things, but will see through many things.More and more, I feel that taking care of myself and not causing trouble to others is an important step in growing up.While we are still young, take a few steps and enjoy the scenery along the way.Sad sad it doesn’t matter, want to cry cry it doesn’t matter, distressed pain it doesn’t matter, a person alone it doesn’t matter……Give time time, everything will pass.