These 3 kinds of home appliances, more “advanced” more instead “chicken ribs”, the proposal is good to choose common money

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With the development of science and technology, all kinds of household appliances update quickly, people’s economic level has also been significantly improved, the quality of home life requirements are becoming higher and higher.When choosing home appliances, a lot of friends think that more expensive had jumped over, the function had jumped over more, it is not such certainly actually.The home appliance of same brand, price of different series, different function can differ a lot of, you can discover much one or two functions, the likelihood can differ 1000 pieces on the price, we should buy right only, do not buy expensive.These 3 kinds of home appliances, not be function more had better, more “advanced” more instead “chicken rib”, the proposal buys common money good, cheap and easy to use again.Washing machine washing machine is the life essential article, can save us a lot of time, the washing machine that takes drying function, still more practical.Even if you do not need to dry at ordinary times, in rainy weather, the drying function can play a role.Now the popular can intelligent washing machine, I think it is not much use, more mobile app operation, I think using mobile phone operation, no more than in the washing machine to press the switch.The most important function of washing machine is washing clothes, other functions I think are not necessary.Refrigerator Have you heard of a refrigerator with a big screen and it makes ice automatically.We buy refrigerators for nothing more than freezing and preservation, the price of refrigerators vary greatly, from hundreds of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan.For ordinary families, when buying a refrigerator, the most important thing to consider is its refrigeration effect and capacity.Other functions take up a lot of space and are used only a few times.Water purifier For good health, it is necessary to install a water purifier.But the water purifier is very deep, and the person who sells the water purifier is always scaring people, so he can be fooled if he is not careful.The water purifier you bought for a fortune may not be much different from the one someone else bought for hundreds of dollars.The most important thing of water purifier is the filter element, and then the quality of the filter element of the expensive water purifier is not good.