Quick hand to assist huai ‘an Qingjiang Pu police full chain knocked off a black criminal gang

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A wall of hundreds of phones, under the control of illegal software, can automatically watch ads, short videos and automatically withdraw cash after completing platform tasks.Recently, online platforms began to appear a kind of “lying down can make money” “wool pulling” project promotion information, behind the hidden black and gray industry chain.Recently, Jiangsu Huaian Qingjiang Pu police in the active assistance of kuaishou, in the net action in the whole chain knocked off a large black production criminal gang, captured 8 gang members, involving a huge amount of money.The picture shows that the author and general agent of the plugins were arrested and arrested with abnormal flow, and a black-gray industrial chain was found. “The flow of some APPS and advertisements showed abnormal fluctuations, which may be caused by the black-produced gangs.”In September 2021, qingjiangpu Police in Huaian received a report from Kuaishou platform, saying that abnormal traffic had a negative impact on the normal operation and management order of the platform.After receiving the clue, Huai ‘an Public Security Bureau Qingjiang Pu branch attaches great importance to it, and immediately transfers network security and other police departments to set up a task force to carry out investigation and evidence collection work.With the active assistance of the fast hand black production research team, the task force police after a preliminary analysis, the task force police found that the source of abnormal flow mainly points to a market called “new from reading” mobile phone software.According to promotional materials for the APP, the APP can control the mobile APP with a reward mechanism on the market, complete tasks by automatically reading, playing and playing games to obtain reward revenue, and automatically withdraw the revenue to wechat, so that “you can make money while lying down”.”It’s supposed to be a subsidy for real users, but it’s at risk of being stolen by criminals.”Planning further police investigation found that the use of “the new reading” mobile phone application and held by a large number of cell phone, realization of multiple Internet platform of mobile phone APP automatic control, simulate real users to read, play, play games, such as operation, malicious brush network platform of subsidies, to the platform and user caused heavy losses.Because of the involvement of multiple Internet platforms, the police investigation team concluded that a huge black industrial chain may be hidden behind “New self-reading” mobile phone software.In order to further understand the crime methods and organizational structure of black production groups, the task force police began to focus on the function, principle, source and harm of the “new self-reading” mobile phone software to carry out relevant work.The police in the task force commissioned a third-party authority to carry out appraisal, and found that “New Self-read” mobile phone software can obtain internal data of relevant APP, realize automatic control of the APP, complete tasks and withdraw cash.The “New Self-read” mobile phone software conforms to the characteristics of illegal intrusion and control of computer information system, seriously endangers the safe operation of computer information system and disturbs the normal operation and management order of relevant Internet platforms.With the active assistance of the fast hand black production research team, the task force police after a lot of analysis and analysis and the use of technical means, “new from reading” mobile phone software illegal profit black production criminal gangs eventually “surfaced”.According to the investigation, Yang, a former programmer in Jinzhong, Shanxi Province, was the author of the new self-read mobile phone software, and conspired with yao, the general agent in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, to develop and operate the new self-read mobile phone software.Two clear division of labor, Yang is responsible for software development, maintenance, update and management, yao is responsible for software promotion, sales and market feedback.In addition, Yao also recruited a number of core agents in the country, to help expand its sales market, mining more net earning projects.The task force also found that members of the “New Self-read” black production gang distributed in many provinces and cities across the country, selling “new Self-read” mobile phone software and card encryption through wechat, QQ and other means.Under the technical and operational guidance of Yang mou and Yao Mou, the downstream criminals scattered throughout the country, buy a large number of cheap smart phones to build mobile phone walls, install and run the “new self-reading” mobile phone software, and then buy a large number of wechat signals from black production channels for cash withdrawal, crazy to obtain a large number of illegal interests.By the end of the case, the gang has sold the number of new self-read “mobile phone software card secret number of about 2 million, involving a sum of up to 6 million yuan.With the arrest time is ripe, in the early stage of the “new self-reading” mobile phone software involved in the case and the data of the case for accurate research and evidence fixed, the task force recently organized dozens of arrest police, went to Shanxi, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Fujian and many other places to carry out the unified arrest action.The picture shows part of the agent were caught him some civilian police use network mapping, mapping, such as a variety of detection methods, after several days of precancerous MoPai, ambush waiting for you, success will be yao a software author Yang, general agent, core agent li mou, pingyuan, pingyuan b, XXL, Xie Mou, zhao mou and others arrested, scene seized the server and commit crime involved equipment more than 400 sets,More than 2 million yuan of funds involved were seized.After interrogation, the suspects all confessed to the crime of making illegal profits by using the “New Self-reading” mobile phone software.Up to now, the author and the core agents of the “New Self-reading” mobile phone software have been taken criminal compulsory measures by the police, the gang has been broken up in the whole chain, the case is still being handled.Where there is traffic, there are black production gangs.A person in charge of Kuaishou pointed out that as a national app with more than 300 million users per day, the platform has been fighting against all kinds of black gangs.Black production gangs represented by “New Self-reading” illegally take subsidies from the platform, damaging the legitimate rights and interests of the platform and users;Creating a large number of false access traffic also destroys the platform’s evaluation system and community ecological environment, and has a negative impact on the normal operation and management order and business reputation of the platform.”The successful investigation of this case cleared the obstacles for the normal operation and management of the platform, and strengthened the confidence and determination of the platform to participate in the crackdown on black industry.”The relevant person in charge of Kuaishou said that the subsequent platform will continue to upgrade the risk control and interception strategy, actively coordinate with the police offline to crack down on all kinds of illegal and criminal activities of black industry, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the platform and users.(Correspondent: Zhang Tianyu)