Good start!China’s women’s basketball team breezed to the African championship with 19 points and is one step away from clinching World Cup qualification

2022-07-10 0 By

The Chinese women’s Basketball team got off to a good start by beating African champions Nigeria 90-76 in Belgrade, Serbia, On Sunday night.Six players scored in double figures, with Li Meng hitting six 3-pointers for 19 points, Han Wook shooting 7-of-9 for 15 points and Li Yueru shooting 8-of-11 for 19 points.China women’s basketball team starting lineup for Li Yueru, Yang Liwei, Li Meng, Huang Sijing, Wang Siyu.At the beginning, both teams paid more attention to defense, until the Chinese women’s basketball team opened the game with three consecutive 3-pointers after three minutes. Li Yueru, who is 2.01 meters inside, also showed his dominance on both sides of the attack and defense. Li Yueru easily scored 15 points on six shots in the first quarter, even more than the whole Nigerian team.The Chinese women’s basketball team opened up a 29-14 deficit in the first quarter, and in addition to The intimidating li Yueru, the women’s basketball team made 4 of 7 3-point shots in the first quarter.In the second quarter, the Nigerian women’s basketball team had a good comeback, but han Xu (2.07 meters) played a similar role to Li Yueru after a short period of adaptation, and leading scorer Li Meng scored 15 points with 5-of-7 3-pointers in the first half to give China an 18-point lead of 54-36 at halftime.The third quarter of the game due to a large gap, head coach Zheng Wei began a large area of rotation players, hit happy Han Xu’s three-point shot can easily hit, the Chinese women’s basketball girls have led by 29 points at the end of the third quarter.In the fourth quarter, Nigeria took advantage of an adjustment of the Chinese women’s basketball team to catch up some points, but the Chinese women’s basketball team still won the game with relative ease 90-76 after a timeout.Statistically, Li Meng, nicknamed the female James, scored 19 points and played like Curry, shooting 6 of 10 from 3-point range. Li’s 3-pointers came when he needed them and when he opened the gap.The other two centers Li Yueru 19 points, Han Xu 15 points, their existence let The Chinese women’s basketball team has enough inside advantage.France with the fellow of the Chinese women’s basketball team three teams, Nigeria, Mali, the Mali team ranked only 40, the overall strength is weak, the first three names in group 4 teams can qualify World Cup race under the pattern of the Chinese women’s basketball team beat Mali was no suspense, the next round of the Chinese women’s basketball team will be officially won the World Cup qualification.