Renovation of old residential areas in Henan: start reconstruction after soliciting the opinions of the masses and obtaining the consent of more than 80% residents

2022-07-09 0 By

On February 15, the fifth press conference of henan Province was held in the press conference hall of the Information Office of the Provincial Government.At the press conference, Gong Kuisheng, party member and deputy director of the provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department, answered reporters’ questions on “planning and specific arrangements for the provincial Housing and Urban-Rural development Department to continue and effectively promote the renovation of old residential areas in cities and strengthen the maintenance and renovation of inspection Wells in urban public areas”.Gong kuisheng said that the renovation of old residential areas and the maintenance and renovation of inspection Wells in urban public areas are important projects for people’s livelihood and development, which are related to the vital interests of the people.In 2022, the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development will continue to play a coordinating and organizing role, and work with relevant units to continue to promote the renovation of old residential areas in cities and strengthen the maintenance and renovation of inspection Wells in urban public areas.In the reconstruction of old residential areas in towns, the following four aspects should be done well.First, we deepened the leading role of Party building.We will continue to play the role of grassroots Party organizations as battle fortresses, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of residents to participate in the renovation, bring the renovation and management improvement of old communities into the scope of grassroots community governance, and lead the renovation of old communities with party construction.For the old residential areas included in the 2022 renovation plan, the public’s opinions should be widely solicited, and renovation can start only after the renovation plan and property management model have been completed and approved by more than 80 percent of residents.Second, we will continue to strengthen areas of weakness in infrastructure.In the renovation of old communities, we have focused on prominent problems in facilities and services, and made up for weaknesses in municipal infrastructure, epidemic prevention and community services in old communities.Adhere to the basic class should be changed, improve the class, improve the class content can be changed.We will improve facilities for providing elderly care, childcare and other services, and effectively solve the problem of having only one senior citizen and one child.The third is to increase the intensity of continuous film transformation.Vigorously promote contiguous reconstruction, integrate scattered buildings and courtyards, fully exploit space resources, and realize the sharing of resources, space and facilities among residents in the area.We will coordinate the renovation of old residential areas with the renovation of rundown areas, the construction of old-age facilities, and urban renewal projects, and support large-scale operation entities to participate in the renovation of old residential areas in a market-based manner.Fourth, we will improve the long-term management mechanism.Guide residents to negotiate and determine the management mode, management regulations and rules of procedure for owners of the reconstructed community, and manage the community through residents’ autonomy, community trusteeship and property management, so as to jointly maintain the reconstruction achievements and improve the governance capacity and level of the community.The inspection of manhole covers mainly starts from the following aspects: First, to strengthen coordination and cooperation with the member units.It is necessary to give full play to the role of interdepartmental coordination mechanisms, and jointly promote the implementation of the rectification work through regular working meetings, consultation and discussion, supervision and inspection, and information notification.Second, strengthen work guidance to prefectures and cities.Guide local governments to focus on annual targets and tasks, timely decompose task indicators, and consolidate the responsibilities of all levels and departments;Strengthen supervision and inspection, praise the units with remarkable achievements in the promotion of special rectification work, and criticize or interview the units with poor organization, inadequate implementation and poor rectification effect, so as to ensure the smooth progress of rectification work.Third, we will strengthen implementation of our work.This year, we will also strengthen quality sampling and completion acceptance, solve the problems of excessive height difference of manhole cover, non-standard installation of anti-fall net, inconsistent pavement repair materials around the well, and further improve the overall improvement effect, so that one qualified for renovation and one qualified for acceptance.(Yang Zeya, Zhengguan News reporter)