Luliang City long love Public welfare Association was awarded the honorary title of national advanced social organization by the Ministry of Civil Affairs

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Recently, the reporter learned from the Civil Affairs Bureau that As the only social organization in Luliang city, Luliang Jiujiu Love Public Welfare Association was selected in the commendation list, and was awarded the honorary title of “National Advanced Social Organization”, the highest award for national social organization, by the Ministry of Civil Affairs in December 2021.The “National Advanced Social Organization” award is an important award in the field of social organizations in China. It has been held four times since 2004, awarding 1,714 social organizations in total, effectively stimulating their vitality, invigorating their morale and promoting their high-quality development.Donations for the difficult people luliang city for a long time since love public welfare association was founded in October 2017, the party leading the thrift, strengthening the association of continuously perfect, perfect organization, system, established the “a group of people, a heart, a lifetime, one thing” goals and “public welfare, love for a long time to warm the heart” the core idea,It has created three public welfare brands with the core of “One to one education”, “Warm Winter Action” and “Ten years of Aid to Xinjiang and Tibet”.In the past five years, in the “one to one education” activity, the association organized a total of caring people for 137 students in need of cash 137,000 yuan, more than 60,000 yuan of materials;In the aspect of “Warm Winter Action”, the Association takes the double Ninth Festival, Spring Festival and other important festivals as the opportunity to take care of the lonely elderly, and organizes and mobilizes a large number of volunteers to carry out condolence activities in the homes of the elderly. Up to now, the association has been caring for more than 2,000 lonely elderly of all kinds.In the aspect of “ten years of aid to Xinjiang and Tibet”, it has raised 1.7 million love materials to help Xinjiang and Tibet based on the ten years. Through innovative forms of public welfare, it has built Bridges of communication between Xinjiang and Tibetan ethnic groups, enhanced the cultural diversity of the two places, and effectively promoted ethnic unity as one family.In 2021, Luliang City Jiujiu Love Public Welfare Association has won the “Best Organization award of Learning From Lei Feng volunteer Service in Shanxi Province”, “Advanced Grassroots Party Organization of Two new organizations in Shanxi Province” and “Double Strong six good Provincial Model Party Organization” honorary titles.Zhang Ancai, president of the association, was elected as “Shanxi Rural Love Ambassador” and “China Charity Ambassador”. Li Cuiying, vice president of the association, won the nomination award of the seventh Moving People shanxi Rural Love Ambassador and was selected as “Chinese Good People List”.Volunteers holding MEDALS and certificates of honor are more confident, Zhang Ancai, president of luliang City Jiujiu Love Public Welfare Association, told reporters:”Through this honor, for a long time love public welfare association will further exert the advanced exemplary role, further carry forward the social organization positive energy, motivation and accumulate more volunteers and loving people doing good,” yi “to excellent, for all-round construction of socialism modernization country, realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation the Chinese dream to make new greater contributions.The year 2022 is the dream launch year determined by the Association, as well as the start year of the second five-year plan of the Association. The association will continue to actively carry out the activities of “one-to-one education” and “Warm Winter Action”, and will carry out research and consolation activities relying on the village team to provide eligible recipients of the association’s funding.At the same time, the ‘ten years aid Xinjiang aid Tibet plan’ as the main public welfare projects, in the civil affairs department and the united Front department under the guidance of reasonable legal assistance, so as to push the ‘long brand’ to the whole country, for the construction of beautiful and happy Luliang to make contributions.”(Reporter Kang Guifang) Luliang Daily