Horus guarding Egyptian air Force: Can Pakistani fighter jets replace su-35?

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Egypt has been keen to break free of American control, taking the first steps towards reconciliation with Syria and diversifying its military procurement.Since camp David, Egypt has been dominated by American military aid: NATO and American weapons dominate the armed forces, with only a few heavy weapons made elsewhere.Since 1983, the United States has provided $1.3 billion a year in military aid to Egypt: the Egyptian Air Force’s main fighter aircraft have been converted from F-4/ Mirage F1 to F-16;The Egyptian air force has 40 F16A/B, 135 F16C and 4 F16C/DBlock52, organized into 8 squadrons.Mirage 2000C type 20, Mig21 type 40, Mirage 5D/E 53, PRCJ7 53.Egypt spent a hefty €3.9 billion on 30 Rafale fighter jets (armed with Mika missiles with a range of 80km, not shahab missiles with a range of 100km or more);Due to American restrictions, Egyptian American-made fighters can only fire Sparrow medium-range missiles rather than AIM-120 missiles;Nor can they fire AMERICAN-made precision-guided land strike munitions.Rafale is also not allowed to fire legal precision-guided long-range strike munitions — oil powerhouses such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE have AIM-120C missiles and US/Legal precision-guided munitions.The Egyptian air force is in fact severely limited by the United States in its ability to strike Israel – the Israeli air Force could easily wipe out the Egyptian air force: the difference between the two air forces is more than two generations!Although Egypt made several requests to the United States to enhance its military power, the United States, which was deeply penetrated by American Jews, rejected them one by one.Egypt had to find a way to build a new army from scratch;Egypt’s GDP is $254.995 billion in 2021, ranking third in Africa, after South Africa and Nigeria!In 2015, Egypt purchased 50 mig-29M /M2 fighters from Russia, along with Russian R-73 and R-77 medium and long range air-to-air missiles, giving the Egyptian Air Force its first beyond visual range combat capability.Later, Egypt also ordered weapons from Russia, air defense missiles, anti-tank missiles and other weapons, the military trade between the two countries is increasingly close.Egypt ordered 26 Su-35s for $3 billion in 2019, the first two of which will be delivered in 2022: along with k-77 long-range air-to-air missiles with a range of nearly 200km, and KA-31 supersonic anti-ship missiles.Thus, once the Su-35 is installed in the Egyptian Air Force, the Egyptian Air Force will for the first time have a long-range precision guided strike capability (150-250 km), which bodes ill for the US and Israel!Since the Crimean crisis in 2014, the United States has imposed sweeping sanctions on Russia: Russia’s aviation industry has been decimated, affecting the delivery and technological upgrading of the Su-35 — its current configuration no longer meets the urgent needs of the Egyptian Air Force to counter the F-35;However, changes in su – 35 orders of Egypt: the United States has warned the Egypt cannot receive Sue – 35, Egypt will face tough sanctions – Egypt had to forgo the remaining 20 more than Sue – 35, however, the arrival of the goods just five Sue – 35 absolutely no boost the Egyptian air force multipurpose fighting capacity, Egypt’s air force is in urgent need of an advanced 3.5 generation fighter!However, the 3.5-gen aircraft produced by NATO countries are more or less restricted by the US: the Egyptian air Force’s vision is impossible to achieve on them (rafale is an example).Apart from Russia, only Pakistan can meet the requirements of the Egyptian Air Force: it can produce 3.5-generation fighters!Co-produced by the domestic production of fully meet the air force and foreign trade exports: it is equipped with distributed optical aperture system, electronic scanning (/ three positive) AESA, the data link, advanced holographic head-up display, helmet display, wide-angle diffraction integration cockpit displays, integrated avionics based on optical fiber data bus, remote advanced air-to-air missile, the precision of land/sea combat weapons, etc.;The JF-17 thunder 3 has a stealth design that includes glass, radar-absorbing materials, and structure. The nose is modified to accommodate an AESA radar, and the proportion of composite materials and an in-flight refueling system is increased — a level that no Egyptian air force fighter can achieve.The price is what the Egyptian Air Force is excited about: cheaper than the Su-35 but able to crush it in medium/long range air combat;A spokesman for Russia’s Military technical Cooperation Bureau said in November 2007 that It had allowed China to resell RD-93 engines to six countries: Pakistan, Egypt, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and Algeria — easily without resistance.In the future, Russia’s new power system could also be applied to the JF-17.With Egypt, Pakistan, “blood coagulation of friendship”, “xiaolong – 3” into the “no threshold of Egypt – parts of Pakistan the entire produced (the introduction of the no limit), may not have a western product is replaced (imperial ejection seat is on the agenda), powder series is complete, convenient upgrade, price concessions, payment diversity;Moreover, jF-17 thunder users have reassured the conservative Egyptian air force that Nigeria, Pakistan, Iraq and others are Muslim brothers and their experience will not be fooled by Egypt — better than being the first to eat and be the guinea pig.At the same time, jF-17 is also a big partner in Egypt’s defense and economic cooperation. Its DRONES have performed well in the war against terrorism in Sinai peninsula and the Civil war in Libya.And the submarines Egypt bought from that country are still in service (purchased in the 1980s) — proof of jF-17’s logistical reliability.If su-35s are heavily sanctioned, buy Pakistan’s JF-17: America has always been wary of arms exports to Pakistan, mainly for fear of an upstart by Pakistan’s partners.