Asiatic lion in the full line of hot sales of up to 18 thousand limited time discount

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Zhongda Toyota · Confidence of choice!Financial policy: 60% down payment enjoy 2 years 0 interest, 20% down payment 2-5 years low interest additional loan, no this loan, extended warranty loan, worry-free loan, feng enjoy loan, customer loan (30% down payment), three insurance worry-free loan, easy financing lease.Replacement policy: buy a car to high enjoy 3000 yuan subsidy, purchase city 5000 yuan subsidy buy a car to enjoy ten thousand yuan gift package in February buy a car – now order a car can enjoy the following five major gifts :①, to the store can get beautiful to the store gift 1 ②, to the store test drive can get beautiful test drive gift 1 ③, to the store order a car!No matter you order any type of car, you can get a gift to order a car. ④, to the shop to use financial mortgage car purchase, you can enjoy a financial car purchase gift package ⑤, to the shop to buy a car to participate in second-hand car replacement, you can enjoy high replacement subsidies.142;227;32 way;78 road, self-drive navigation of the shop can be)