Us and NATO cables have been leaked saying the US will negotiate only if Russia downgrades its threat to Ukraine

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The United States and NATO have refused to sign a bilateral treaty with Russia on European security and to close the door on Ukraine’s future membership of the alliance, according to two classified documents sent to Russia last week and seen by El Pais.These are Moscow’s two main demands for an end to the crisis in Ukraine.At the same time, both Washington and NATO have tried to offer Putin talks on disarmament agreements and confidence-building measures in different platforms (e.g., the ORGANIZATION for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the U.S.-Russia Strategic Stability Dialogue, the NATO-Russia Council), but only if Russia’s military threat to Ukraine is downgraded.Washington warned that given the massive, unilateral and unjustified military deployments taking place in and around Ukraine and Belarus, “we call on Russia to de-escalate the situation in an immediate, verifiable, timely and lasting manner.The administration’s position is that progress on these issues [disarmament and confidence-building measures] can only be made if Russia de-escalates its threatening actions against Ukraine.”Russia is demanding a written response from the West to its proposal to sign a treaty giving Security guarantees to Moscow, the report said.Moscow has even submitted a draft of such a hypothetical treaty.The two responses came from Washington and NATO.The two coordinate responses and complement each other.Washington’s written response made clear that it “remains a strong supporter of NATO’s policy of openness” and therefore did not rule out future integration of Ukraine or Georgia into the alliance.NATO’s text also reaffirms its policy of openness.Regarding Ukraine, the Biden administration offered Russia “conditional transparency measures and reciprocal commitments” in the hope that Russia and the United States would avoid “the deployment of land-based offensive missile systems and permanent combat forces in Ukraine,” the report said.To that end, Washington announced its intention to hold consultations with Kiev.The reciprocal confidence-building measures, along with the disarmament agreement, were the two keys to a written response from Washington and NATO, the report said.The US response confirmed that it was “ready to work with Allies and transatlantic partners to reach an understanding with Russia on security issues” and listed a range of issues on which it would be willing to discuss reciprocal commitments or actions and the platforms on which to do so.Declaring itself willing to face the process “in good faith”, the US accused Mr Putin of deploying more than 100,000 troops on the border with Ukraine, occupying Crimea and fomenting conflict in the Donbas region.Some of the US proposals reportedly involve restrictions on missiles that could lead to a new disarmament treaty.Washington has declared its willingness to negotiate bilaterally with Russia on the control of medium – and short-range missiles and their carriers, though it has condemned Russia’s missile development as a violation of the INF Treaty.The ADMINISTRATION reaffirmed its commitment to the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, which limits intercontinental missiles and runs until 2026.But the United States has proposed including restrictions on new vehicles, non-strategic weapons and non-deployed nuclear warheads.In addition, the United States proposed to “immediately begin discussions on a successor to NEW Start” and discuss how a future agreement could “cover all U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons.”One of the most innovative proposals the United States has made to Russia is a “transparency mechanism” to verify that there are no Tomahawk cruise missiles capable of hitting Russian territory at NATO bases in Romania and Bulgaria, the report said.As a reciprocal measure, Washington believes that two missile launch sites on Russian territory should be selected to act in the same way.Moscow has proposed limiting the deployment of medium – and short-range missiles and has expressed concerns about Romanian and Bulgarian Tomahawk missiles.According to the website of Germany’s Sueddeutsche Zeitung on February 2, Spain’s El Pais published the hitherto secret response of NATO and the United States to Russia’s proposal for a new security agreement.According to documents posted on the newspaper’s website, both the US and NATO made clear that most of the Russian proposals were unacceptable.At the same time, they are open to concrete negotiations and new agreements.In response to Russia, the US is prepared to rule out permanently stationing combat troops and deploying land-based missile systems in Ukraine if Moscow makes a corresponding commitment, the report said.As a precondition for successful negotiations, NATO and the United States have called on Russia to end its current troop deployments along the Ukrainian border.NATO insiders confirmed the authenticity of the documents to DPA.The report says there is growing concern in the West that the Kremlin is planning an “invasion” of Ukraine.Others, however, see the move as a way to stir up fear and force NATO countries to back down on Russia’s demands for new security guarantees.Ukrainian border guards dig trenches near the Ukraine-Russia border in Sumey, Ukraine, on December 21, 2021.Visual China source: Reference news website