Niu Li, a regular at the Spring Festival Gala, said: “Married men are spoiled as princesses, and I always get the upper hand in every quarrel.

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Editor/small love letter “this person you don’t marry who can you marry?”In 2003, the first time on the Spring Festival Gala niu Li still some green, this year she and Huang Hong partner a sketch “foot therapy”.Niu Li played a very distressed husband’s wife, the wife wants her husband to do a pedicure to relax, but her husband is not willing to spend money, the couple conflict.Fortunately, the reason for the quarrel is also because they care too much about each other. Every quarrel is full of love, and the audience also feel the warmth of life.The sketch also echoes real life well.In real life, Niu Has a loving family, where she loves her husband as much as she does on screen.01, day doomed fate reality is sometimes very fantastic, Niu Li and her husband can tie the knot, is doomed fate.Once she went to dinner with her friends, but she saw this man sitting opposite Niu Li at the dinner table. He was wearing a suit and tie.”Then I looked at him and remembered I had a dream the other day, in which a man was holding a bouquet of flowers, vaguely.But I couldn’t make out who he was, and the man next to me told me this was your future husband.”It sounds incredible, but it seems like fiction.”I’m not imagining it. The more I try to see him, the less I see him. He wakes up when I do.But, the bottom of my heart left the vague feeling, I think I’m the man across the dinner table is that “the outline of the fate is so wonderful,…… he has tied Adrienne and ya-dong liu, Adrienne is a brave girl, since decided to things you have to do, of the person you like, also must be together.For example, she won a gold medal in swimming at the age of 13, switched to the shooting team at the age of 15, and even won a gold medal, when everyone speculated that she could continue to mix in the sports circle.Who would have thought that she was admitted to the PLA Academy of Arts, began her acting career, became a regular Spring Festival gala for many times, become the public mouth of the “national daughter-in-law”.It is such a character, deeply attracted Liu Yadong, the girl was deeply engraved in his heart.Once Niu Li went to a cast, but the cast chose this play in a remote mountain village, even niu Li himself do not know where the village in the end, only know the village about a name.At that time Liu Yadong bent on the niu Li, he called niu Li said: “You tell me, you are in which village is good, I will be in the past” “I don’t know where I am, there is no navigation at that time, nothing, and then she said THAT I will be in the past.Someone called me, said called Niu Li, and then I came down a look found him, li Youbin said this person you don’t marry you can marry who “is like this, a little bit of bullying president feeling, let Niu Li heart, a lifetime for his sake, two people complementary personality.Niu Li is like fire, so do things to wind and fire, and Liu Yadong is like water, not good at expression but very Qin Xin.02, marriage sweet life this complementary sense of the right, in the marriage reflected incisively and vividly.”I said to him once, why can’t you just let me go?You know you’re so much older than me. Why don’t you just let me go?You’re seven or eight years older than me, and then he said, “I think our INTELLIGENCE is the same.”The husband seems to be such, there is a kind of soothing magic, no matter how noisy he will let the eyes of the little woman calm down.”I don’t fight at home. I never fight at home. I fight with my husband.You know, there were these words that got more and more emotional, and they got more and more passionate, and he was like are you reading?He said so I am happy, this matter so over “Niu Li itself is not a haggling woman, she broke out, this matter is over.Mentally strong people, they just talk about things.She is a difficult person to label. She is free, successful across boundaries and has a clear sense of who she is.What kind of person do you think you are?”I think I have a gentle side and a sharp side.”The kind of gentle in the play, the kind of experience of different roles of the fresh sense was brought to life by her, and he was originally a spicy Beijing girl with high emotional intelligence.Emotionally intelligent women never hold a grudge because it’s not worth it.Niu Li is like this, her high eq is not only reflected in the quarrel with her husband above, but also the moment of introspection, with their own dialogue.”How can I keep my love fresh all these years?””We always had a certain amount of space and respect for each other, and I never looked at his phone, and he never looked at mine.Once I asked him, I said husband, you say we two can spend a lifetime with me, he looked at me, and then asked you to spend a lifetime, I said that what do you mean?I also want to spend the rest of my life, “a good wife is always able to affect their own family from their own, even liu Yadong such straight man was full of vitality, full of expression of niu Li infected, also slowly spoke of love words.Niu Li felt happy about this, she is not blind confidence in their marriage, because he has been reflecting on themselves, reflect on their marriage, has been hand in hand and husband progress, he has a very clear awareness of their own.”When I am with my wife, I feel that he is so unromantic, will not talk to me, and then, also has no sense of humor, how boring, how not to talk?But, you know, I was thinking, you know, when I first started falling in love, you know, I just graduated from military arts and I saw him and I thought this guy was so cool, he didn’t say anything.Sometimes it’s very mysterious, and I really like those guys, and they’re manly, and I liked those guys back then.In fact, he is still the same person, is my own request, he changed, and I talk to me, I change him, let him talk to me, talk to me, and I quarrel with me interesting.I think I’m asking for too much. “A thoughtful woman can always think of herself and others.Spring Festival gala work friends say, not only her business ability is strong, she in the pursuit of career and in the people are weekly, so we all like him.That’s why she has a place in both sports and entertainment.In fact, Niu Li’s eyes are very small, her eyes can only fit liu Yadong such a particularly cool man.She once said, Liu Yadong’s words, she felt satisfied, when Liu Yadong said he thought this was good, Niu Li suddenly felt particularly comfortable.Although the man is not good at expression, but he will spoil the little woman in the upper aspect of the action, love is a two-way relationship, a family can not always have only one person to work.When Niu Li’s stomach was unbearable, the man beside her would find out the medicine for her, pour water on it and let her take the medicine, but he didn’t say much.Now the kind of warmth between them is like this, the tacit understanding is also like this, full of love, do not need to say a word.The daughter is a close small cotton-padded jacket.The daughter was deeply affected by the affection between her parents.The daughter is very able to realize her mother is not easy, Niu Li and many people in the entertainment industry are the same, once suffered from depression, but Niu Li can get out, thanks to her daughter.”I at that time what is the interest, daughter will take her ball come and visit me, after I played with her as if the mood will be better” Adrienne depression has completely ok, now return to work and don’t forget your own family, she is a work ability outstanding woman, but she is also a very family-oriented man.”I was particularly impressed by Lily’s family values.Especially in those years, when her daughter was young, she called her and said daughter, you should go to bed quickly, mother will be here in a few minutes. As a result, when she hung up the phone, she would say that it was broken, and her daughter should not sleep.As a result, her daughter really stayed up and waited for her, “Shao Feng, niu’s partner, was asked by the host during the show.Why did not often in life and Niu Li communication, can only be so pale and feeble explanation.”Yes, for my daughter’s field play I do not pick up, because she has been in primary school, I feel that this section of primary school growth particularly need me.”Lily really gave up acting for a few years and gave up several Spring Festival Gala for her children. For two or three years, she lost her career direction.Many of the artists he works with every year are very strong, and Lily is also very strong, “Shao added.In addition to her husband Niu Li’s focus on her daughter, but she is a very measured person, in the daughter to make friends with this matter she will not be too involved in “I will tell him, in making friends think first to see whether the child should be kind, and then can not lie.If it is a child who loves to lie, then we should consider that we do not need to be friends with him, that is, we will conduct a guidance “parents love, family harmony, can be found from a child’s behavior.Niu’s daughter grew up under the care of her parents and their love can affect her. “When I went to see them last night, I asked her, ‘Why aren’t you sleeping?’ And she said, ‘Mom, do you know what?Do you know why Daddy hasn’t taken his clothes off yet?Dad said he was gonna open the door for mom and wait for mom to get back, and then his dad was just there without saying a word.In fact, his father is a special person who can not express, in fact, I know he misses me very much, WHEN I should arrive, when I should get off the plane, when I should come back, but all through the daughter’s mouth.You can tell that his dad is special. “A good wife and a good mother should be like that, not only relaxed, career in order.Let us see the initial appearance of love, should be I believe you, you believe me.I don’t say it, but I can make you feel what’s best for you.