Great 2-2!The Chinese women’s football team won a point from a corner kick to advance to the final eight

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In the first two rounds of group A of 2022 Women’s Asian Cup in India, China swept Chinese Taipei and Iran 4-0 and 7-0 respectively, accumulating 6 points and advancing to the quarterfinals.The 2022 Women’s Asian Cup Group C third round match between Vietnam women’s football team and Myanmar came to an end.The Vietnamese women’s football team went on a wild ride, coming back from 0-1 down to 2-2 with a goal from a corner kick and a point from a corner kick.The next round of 8, China VS Vietnam women’s football.Meanwhile, South Korea drew 1-1 with defending champions Japan in the third round of Group C to clinch a place in the quarter-finals of the Asian Cup.But the other two teams in group C, Vietnam and Myanmar, did not fare so well. Myanmar lost 5-0 and 2-0 to South Korea, while Vietnam lost 3-0 and 3-0 to Japan in the first two group matches.Going into the final round of the match, Vietnam and Myanmar have 0 points each, and the winner between the two sides will almost certainly finish third in the group and advance to the quarterfinals.Look back at the group C third round match between Vietnam and Myanmar women’s football team.After more than 10 minutes, the Burmese women’s football team scored a header of high quality, only to see the goalkeeper save it.In the 25th minute, the referee awarded a penalty kick to a Vietnamese player who committed a foul in his own penalty area. Myanmar’s Win Thay Yngithun scored the goal to break the deadlock 1-0.In 45+2 minutes of added time in the first half, Vietnam women’s football team won a corner kick from the right of the front court. Nguyen Thi Xuan Xuan took the penalty, and the ball went straight to the goal to form a goal.Much!!!!The fairy ball!The Vietnamese women levelled the score at 1-1.The moment after the goal, Vietnam players have fallen into a carnival!In the 49th minute, The Myanmar women’s football team launched an attack. Chin Malartun quickly stepped forward and fell to the ground with an instant pad shot.Myanmar’s women’s football team came back 2-1.It can be seen that myanmar women’s football this field attack desire is very high, and the front field with also play well, if there is no accident, will beat the probability of Vietnam women’s football promotion.On the other hand, the Vietnamese women’s football team suffered a severe decline in overall strength due to the novel coronavirus infection among several of its players on the eve of the competition. It is already quite difficult to make up enough players for the group stage.Back in the game, there was a miracle. In the 64th minute, Vietnam’s Huang Ru scored after the referee awarded a penalty kick to the Myanmar player for a rough foul in his own penalty area.Finally, Vietnam women’s football 2-2 tie myanmar women’s football.From 0-1 to 2-2, the Vietnamese women’s football team worked wonders, scoring from a corner kick in the 45th minute to level the score at 1-1 and then tying the score at 2-2 with a crucial penalty kick in the second half.After this service, Vietnam women’s football and Myanmar women’s football with 1 point, and finally Vietnam women’s football only a goal difference reverse Myanmar women’s football, with the group third identity tenacious progress to the Asian Cup quarterfinals.In the next round of the Asian Cup, China will face Vietnam.Don’t underestimate your opponent!This field and Myanmar women’s football in the key battle, The Vietnamese women’s football performance is very tenacious.Do you think The Chinese women’s football team can beat the Vietnamese women’s football team to reach the semi-finals?