Property market wantonly “blowing warm wind”, what signal has been released?Ma Guangyuan’s “two words” made it clear

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Since entering 2022, favorable policies for the property market have been introduced frequently.By the end of March, more than 60 cities across China had loosened property curbs, according to data from Centaline Research Institute.According to incomplete statistics, in the first quarter of 2022, more than 60 cities across China released more than 100 policies related to property market deregulation, mainly involving the relaxation of home purchase restrictions, cancellation of sales restrictions, granting home purchase subsidies, lowering the down payment ratio and lowering loan interest rates.Among them, the most noteworthy cities are Zhengzhou, Harbin and Quzhou.Let’s start with Zhengzhou.Released on March 1, zhengzhou city “about promoting the sound development of the real estate cycle and the notice of the policy shows that not only cancel” card room and recognize borrowed “, but also allowed to purchase three suites, allows the building price, guide the bank interest rate cuts, more attractive, pay off the loan after the second 30% down payment.In this regard, E-house Research Institute think tank center research director Yan Yuejin said that the relevant policies introduced by Zhengzhou have a very substantial sense of stabilizing the property market and saving the property market orientation, in line with the current housing market mainstream policy.More importantly, Zhengzhou became the first city in the country this year to fully relax restrictions on purchases and loans.We need to make it clear that Zhengzhou is not only the capital city of Henan Province, but also the core city of central Plains urban agglomeration, an important central city in central China approved by The State Council and a megacity with a permanent resident population of over 12 million.Worthy of affirmation, Zhengzhou this move, for the development direction of the national property market will have a certain guiding role.Then Harbin.On March 23, according to the website of The Harbin municipal government, the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Harbin announced that the notice of the General Office of the Harbin Municipal People’s Government on Further Strengthening the Regulation of the Real Estate Market (No.12 [2018]) has completed its phased regulation mission, and will be abolished.Generally speaking: in the past, the house in Harbin’s main urban area can only be traded after 3 years of net signing, and now there is no restriction.Undeniably, Harbin city this move, also let Harbin become the first lifting of the second-tier city sales restrictions, for the same level of the city’s property market control direction, has a strong reference significance.Finally, quzhou.On April 1, the office of the Coordination group for the sustainable and healthy development of the real estate market in Quzhou city issued a notice on promoting the Virtuous cycle and Healthy Development of the urban real estate Industry, abolishing the purchase restriction and loosening restrictions on sales.Although many people are unfamiliar with Quzhou, the move has a strong signal significance, as it is the first city in China to optimize both purchase restriction and sales restriction policies.So, the question comes, more than 60 cities across the country loose control of the property market, the property market wantonly “blowing warm wind”, what signal has been released?In my opinion, the bottom line is that the current cooling of the property market is obvious, the market is too poor, coupled with the repeated epidemic, China’s property market is in urgent need of change.Medium – and long-term household loans registered negative growth in February for the first time in 15 years, according to financial statistics released by the central bank on March 11.Under normal circumstances, residents of the medium and long term loans refers to mortgage loans for house purchase, in other words, that is, everyone is not willing to buy a house, the purchase expectation is greatly reduced.In addition, affected by the continuous cooling of the property market, the land market was also continuously cold in January and February of this year. According to the data of the Middle School Research Institute, in January and February of 2022, the transaction area of residential land in 300 cities of The country decreased by 60%, and the number of unaucted plots reached 199, with the unaucted rate of 33%.Meanwhile, from January to February in 2022, the residential land transfer fee was about 167.1 billion yuan, down nearly 70% year-on-year.In fact, the recent property market wantonly “blowing warm wind”, economist Ma Guangyuan had predicted.Guang-yuan mar in October last year, economists said, after four years of regulation and control, coupled with the outbreak, China’s real estate has been really cool, winter cold water again, will be frozen, and the goal of the real estate regulation is not to beat real estate, real estate is the biggest risk is the risk of a rapid fall under high pressure.In addition, when talking about the “Evergrande Event”, economist Ma Guangyuan also said that there is nothing wrong with housing speculation, but the purpose of real estate regulation is not to kill the real estate, people in some departments always call the real estate is the biggest gray rhinoceros, not to meet the capital needs of real estate enterprises and normal buyers.Evergrande is an individual case, but if it is not handled properly, the case will evolve into an industry risk.Obviously, in economist guang-yuan mar’s view, the goal of the real estate regulation is not to beat real estate, but in order to prompt the virtuous cycle of real estate industry and healthy development, so, in my opinion, more than economists guang-yuan mar said “2 words”, has been the recent property market by “warm wind blowing” clear, simple terms,In the property market continues to cool the background, “warm wind frequency blowing” is not difficult to understand.After all, at present, the real estate industry is still the pillar industry of China, housing is consumer, the virtuous cycle and healthy development of the real estate industry is the people’s desire, the country expects, the continuous heating or cooling of the real estate market is not healthy, should be regulated to make the real estate market back to its stable development track.What do you think about that?I am @dachuan said the property market , pay attention to me, learn more about the property market dynamics!