After Yang Ying leaves Huang Xiaoming, the new play is exposed to double again, its professional literacy lower limit is refreshed again

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Do you think Yang Ying will settle down to her career after she leaves Huang Xiaoming?No, took everyone by surprise, huang xiaoming angelababy end of divorce soon just after the big melons, angelababy, it’s just after the New Year when the gratuitous gifts to friends a big melons, alone in her new play “diffuse shadow pursuit” double that reported abuse of shooting from abuse, but this is not the first time she was scolded for professional quality problems.In the photos, we can see that the actor lying on the ground is wearing the same costume and hair style as Yang Ying, but his face is very different, so it is definitely not Yang Ying.In fact, it is normal for actors to use doubles when filming, why is Yang Ying being scolded and others not?It turned out that Yang Ying’s scene was quite simple. She just had to tackle the actor. Besides, she was covered with thick cushions, so the risk factor was almost zero.Are you so careful because you’re pregnant again?Ying’s recent divorce is well known, and the studio wouldn’t be foolish enough to throw out a pregnancy certificate.Yang Ying can become the top flow of the entertainment circle female star, which is related to her ex-husband Huang Xiaoming, holding a full hand of good resources, should not live up to anyone should not live up to their own good efforts.Yet she has repeatedly set herself up as an independent woman in front of the media cameras, doing everything that contradicts this beautiful image.Yang Ying’s career has been on the decline since her marriage to Actor Huang Xiaoming was reported to have ended. Netizens were delighted that Yang ying had finally settled down to her career, but they did not realize that it was her professional stunt double.Every time Yang ying takes a role, she has to pull some kind of stunt. So when netizens heard about her new drama, they started to get used to her and her disprofessional behavior trending the Internet.Matting, fake eating, crying out of the fierce irrigation of eye drops, bad acting to pull down the whole show business class……In China, the most famous one that uses matting to complete the whole drama is Yang Ying’s work “Lonely Fang Does not Admire Oneself”.Whether it is martial arts or literary drama, the traces of matting run through them, presenting a terrible picture effect.The show became a hit after its release, fuelled by Ying’s mysterious antics, but its reputation declined so much that the studio later denied rumors that Ying was pregnant.Oh pregnant home peace of mind to raise fetus how good, this is to the cast to raise fetus ah!In the TV drama SONG in the Clouds, Yang Ying picks up a piece of food and puts it to her mouth, then opens her mouth wide and starts to fake eating. After eating, she explains how to do it so clearly that Du Chun, who is in the same scene with her, looks surprised.There is also a fake popcorn eating incident in A Life of Longing.Since it was the first time the popcorn popped, the result was a bit sticky, but edible.Everyone ate with gusto, except For Yang Ying, who pretended to put a popcorn in her mouth, in sharp contrast to Liu Xianhua, who enjoyed the popcorn.In addition to acting as a fake, Yang Ying is also shunned by Andy Lau.When filming the Beginning of the Great Revival, the little imphoenix played by Ying Yang and CAI E played by Andy Lau needed to add a crying scene, and Ying couldn’t find the feeling, so the staff picked up two bottles of eye drops and poured them into lau’s eyes.A successful drama because of the participation of Yang Ying was more than a few embarrassing details…If there’s ever a female star who gets paid exorbitant sums and is hopelessly bad at acting, it’s Yang Ying.Again, it begs the question, “Does this star make money that easily?”Yang Ying’s lower limit of professional quality was once again refreshed by herself, and huang xiaoming was suddenly relieved. One day, Yang Ying would be involved in many scandals.With the salary restrictions and her own declining value, Yang ying is a very different woman now.Compared with zhao Liying, Single mother Yang Mi, and the never-dying Liu Yifei, Yang Ying can compete with them in addition to her beauty, but also in terms of public praise and professional quality.Besides, Yang Ying no longer has huang Xiaoming to rely on. If she wants to maintain a good career, she has to make progress.