“2022.2.1” Sauce never stops: Gossip you didn’t know

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We want a win-win situation, this is a strange public account The First slag wave side also invested in TV drama, tried to cast a workplace idol drama, find Huang Xiaoming The Second material Chen Kun shot in The past two years, one after another, there is no good script for him this year The Third material Xiangzuo himself prepared a movie,Then he himself and his wife bea Hayden play Japanese, has been on for nearly two months The Fourth female artists will eat snacks at ordinary times, but they are how to eat, open a bag of potato chips, take LiangSanPian on The mouth slowly chewing, and then all The rest to The assistant or others at Fifth white hart’s real name Bai Mengyan,Id card is also called Bai Mengyan, is after The debut to change The stage name called white deer The Sixth material Lin Yun originally named Fei Xia, many of her friends around her called her sister The Seventh material guess music: Bay bay female artist Curie pushed her husband arrested this matter, it is estimated that a lot of people eat melon are seen on The news;Her husband made his fortune as a wager. The so-called wager took the guests to gamble, took a cut, and provided loan service after the guests ran out of money.After making his first fortune from that, he set up a company, invested in real estate, and made his fortune.In fact, Curie push has not known his husband is specific to do what, here is not to help her wash, because her own home also some H background, think the husband is just a very normal industry, to money fast;The investigation into his, was intended to provide some evidence, you can catch another bosses, evidence of his big brother, but the Curie pushed the husband refused to cooperate, there are also trying to hide anything, so I was forced, lead the eldest brother do is outside the D, Curie pushed the husband is the main network D, but the server what is in the lead the eldest brother over there,They were sort of partners;Many people see some websites, there is often that kind of what sexy charge officer online licensing spam, point into the website may be Curie push husband do;Because things happened very suddenly, Curie the whole people are confused, before the phone has been in the shutdown state, although later turned on, but no matter how many calls are no answer;Several paparazzi contacted Curie’s agent, who said that this was the most difficult New Year’s Eve she had ever had, and that she did not eat much in the past few days