Wang Frost injury exposure, serious injury final still insist on 60 minutes, fans: these two people do not deserve in men’s football

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After enjoying the charter flight for the first time and returning home, after a short period of cultivation of more than ten hours, the girls of The Chinese women’s football team appeared in the gym and began to resume training, which formed a sharp contrast with the Chinese men’s football team who were still fishing for fish five days after returning home.Wang failed to show up for the team’s off-field training at its quarantine camp in Suzhou on Feb 15, causing concern among many fans.Where is Wang Shuang going?Soon, the official account of The Chinese Women’s Football Team was updated. According to the preliminary diagnosis, Wang Shuang’s injury is suspected to be bone fracture, and the Chinese Women’s Football Team will arrange experts for further consultation. Wang Shuang will not practice with the team in the near future, and is actively recovering.It is widely known that Wang suffered an injury before the semi-final against Japan. Earlier media reported that she sprained her ankle, which kept her out of the match.But three days later, Wang Shuang appeared in the final, and played 60 minutes.Bone fracture of the injury insist on 60 minutes, and is the opponent focus of the defense object, Wang Frost need to endure how much pain?In that match, the commentator emphasized many times not to mention the ankle sprain, or the foot under the wound, the player in the match are suffering, but now Wang Shuang’s injury exposure, can you believe that Wang Shuang endured the bone fracture injury lasted 60 minutes?Frost king, let a person love dearly to some extent also reflect the shortage of the football association for women’s logistics, otherwise don’t wait until after the women’s Asian cup, only to find that wang shuang suspected fracture and want to know the pitch for the king cream will affect his career, but really, even the king of frost knew this situation, she will also be shrugged off in a minute,After all, everything is like what Shui Qingxia said: to be a man with backbone, life is difficult to have a few back stroke.King frost injury of exposure, cream with a fractured bone pain playing and finish the task, it also makes a lot of fans questioned the men over there, such as for hair not disorderly, soccer ball, in Vietnam Wu Xi choose to hide the ball, for example on the pitch multiple occurrences of low-level mistakes, dare not to close against Wang Shen super, wang frost injury,Let the fans are more outspoken that the two do not deserve to stay in men’s football.Indeed, one is with the pain of bone fracture in the sprint, creating opportunities for teammates, one is on the court akimbo, for the sake of image can sacrifice victory, compared to the two, these two do not deserve to wear the Chinese national football team jersey.Finally, we also wish Wang Shuang can recover soon and perform the return of the king.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, please contact delete