Pan Renmei killed Yang Jiye?Who is loyal and who is treacherous?In fact, we have been mistaken for over a thousand years

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Some historical facts often overturn our cognition, so that the world is extremely surprised or even can not believe, but the historical fact is such, storytelling, drama is legend, not real history.For example, the great traitor Pan Renmei and the great loyal Yang Jiye in “Yang Jia General” are typical examples. They are two typical examples of adultery and loyalty that people have been talking about for thousands of years.But that’s not the case. The historical truth is very different from what we’ve been told for generations.In pingshu, romance, quyi and various stories handed down, Pan Renmei was a heinous villain, a famous treacherous official in the early northern Song Dynasty, who specialized in fighting against the loyal and good Yang family.His daughter was a noble consort, so he was a member of the royal family.Pan Renmei is sinister and evil, and causes chaos.His three sons, are also ignorant and ignorant of the toff, nothing trouble, oppress good.And Yang Jiye, but the song dynasty is the first loyal minister, and full of heroes, qilang eight tigers are loyal to the court, big Lang, Erlang, sanlang, liu Lang, qilang died for the country, loyalty to the country, a loyal and good.Therefore, in terms of “loyalty and courage”, only Yue Fei in the Southern Song Dynasty can be compared with him.Pan Renmei (Pan Mei) Yang men are dead, Yang men women will not let men, she old tai jun 80 years old, when the court is difficult, still armor hang, led the twelve widows for the country.Yang family three generations of Yang Zongbao, married his wife Mu Guiying, not only martial arts high strong, and loyal, often defeated liao soldiers.Yang family four generations of Yang Wenguang, fire wench Yang Pai feng, all are heroes, are the pillars of the state.This is really, in the Tianbo mansion, there is no mediocre generation, even the servant girls, servants, kitchen wench are loyal to the country.And Tianbo Yang Fu, was also given by the emperor for the “civilian sedan, military officer dismount”.But the real history is: Pan Renmei was pan Mei, the founding general of the Northern Song Dynasty, distinguished in battle, loyal, together with Cao Bin, song Taizu, Taizong period of the general and the pillars of the talent, for the establishment and consolidation of the northern Song Dynasty made immortal contributions;On the contrary, Yang Jiye, whose real name was Yang Ye, was a surrendered general of the Northern Han dynasty and was appointed by Taizong after he surrendered to the Northern Song Dynasty.Pan Mei (925 — 991) was a native of Daiming Prefecture in Hebei province. His courtesy name was Zhong Xun. Pan Mei was the founding general of the Northern Song Dynasty and the loyal brother of Zhao Kuangyin, the emperor Taizu of the Song Dynasty.From the later Zhou Dynasty, he was a general on an equal level with Zhao Kuangyin. He led the army to destroy the Southern Han and Southern Tang dynasties, and successively held various important posts, such as tuanlian envoy, strategic envoy, city ship envoy, transfer envoy, zhaoqiao system set envoy, zhongwu military strategic envoy, acting duke of the state, and Han Duke.In 991, Pan Mei died of illness, was given zhongshuling, the posthumous name Wuhui, with the Tai Temple.During the reign of Song Zhenzong, pan Mei was proclaimed king of Zheng.Ming Hongwu 21 years, from worship in the imperial temple, enjoy all the mourning.Wang jianjun 侁 Therefore, Pan Mei was a famous general in the early Northern Song Dynasty, a representative of the military generals, as well as general Cao Bin.Like Zhao Kuangyin, he was a general under Guo Wei, Emperor Taizu of the later Zhou Dynasty, and Chai Rong, Emperor Shizong.Zhao Kuangyin’s chenqiao mutiny was fully supported by Pan Mei, and at the beginning of the founding of the Northern Song Dynasty, he was the first hero of the founding of the Northern Song Dynasty.Pan Mei Yang Ye Yang Ye (?– 986), originally named Yang Zhonggui, Shaanxi Shenmu people, his father Yang Hongxin for the Northern Han Linzhou governor, so Yang Ye was given the name Liu Jiye by the Northern Han Emperor Liu Chong.After the establishment of the Northern Han Regime, Yang Ye followed Liu Chong to make great achievements. He successively served as the commanding envoy of Beizhou and the strategic envoy of Jianxiong Army. He was known as “invincible” and won liu Chong’s trust and re-use.When Emperor Taizong of the Song dynasty destroyed the Northern Han Dynasty, Yang Ye submitted to the Song Dynasty (or surrendered), and was trusted by Emperor Taizong. He was successively appointed governor of Zhengzhou, general of the Right leading guard, observation envoy of Yunzhou, and Governor of Dazhou.Song Taizong Zhao Guangyi actually, say Yang ye is loyal minister also can say past, but have to stand in the Angle of big Song Dynasty to look, if be northern Han people, without doubt, can think Yang Ye is no problem traitor, traitors.Zhao Kuangyin, the first emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty, was indeed an able man. He was not only courageous, civil and military, but also broad-minded, tolerant and open-minded.And emperor taizong Zhao Guangyi, is also a military strategy of monarch could lead them, arms to countries, they treat drops, particularly preferential treatment, do not doubt, not only granted its offices, to give power, safely use, so power as well as the northern han, south down the legacy of civil servants military commanders and other countries to surrender to the generals, are loyal and not infidelity.Yang Ye, duke of Yang Ling, did this. In order to repay Emperor Taizong’s kindness, Yang Ye remained loyal to the Song until he was defeated in the Battle of Chenjiagu and captured alive by the Liao army. He refused to surrender and died after three days of fasting.This time he kept his integrity and did not surrender to the Liao army.His fourth son, Yang Yanyu, and his subordinates, He Huaipu and Wang GUI, all fought to the last minute and died of exhaustion.In fact, although Yang Ye and Pan Mei were officials in the same dynasty, they did not have any intersection, and the only intersection was the northern expedition in the third year of the Northern Song Dynasty in Yongxi.Taizong made a mistake in estimating the situation. He wanted to recover at one stroke the sixteen states of Yanyon, which had long been lost by the Central Plains dynasty, when the Liao emperor had just died, the new emperor was young and the order of the liao dynasty was in disorder.In fact, Zhao Guangyi was wrong. There was a woman named Xiao Yanyan in liao, also known as the famous empress Dowager Xiao in history. She was very powerful, and her military strategy, vision, political skill, state administration strategy and ability were all as good as those of other emperors.The fact proved that the northern Song’s northern expedition caused more losses than gains, resulting in a great loss of national strength and vitality.Since then, the Northern Song no longer had the heart of the northern expedition, and completely lost its will to fight. The strong Song became weak until it was destroyed by the Jin in the “Shame of Jingkang”.Yang Ye died in the northern expedition, because of the expedition, Yang Ye was assigned to the Western Route Army, he was the deputy general, with the main general Pan Mei to yanmenguan.In fact, in the final analysis, surrender general is surrender, Zhao Guangyi still reserved, let known as “Yang invincible”, make Liao soldiers terrified of Yang Ye when the deputy, and ordered the northern Song dynasty founding general Pan Mei to do the general, this shows everything.Not only that, Zhao Guangyi also ordered Wang 侁, Liu Wenyu two people to monitor the army, closely monitoring the trend of Yang Industry.The so-called imperial army has great power, similar to the representatives sent by the emperor, who have the final say and the right to ask questions first and ask questions later.Zhao Guangyi (before he succeeded to the throne) at the beginning, the Song Army made smooth progress and captured many cities successively.But immediately, cao Bin of the eastern route army rushed into baigou River and was defeated by The Liao Army Yelushuge. After losing 50,000 troops, he retreated to Qigou Pass and lost his combat effectiveness completely.The eastern route army failed, And Yelu Shue ge led an attack on the northern Song Middle route Army Tian Zhongjin’s headquarters.Empress Dowager Xiao Chuo of Liao took her 12-year-old son, Emperor Yilulongxu, with her army stationed in Tuoluokou in the north of Youzhou, guarding the middle road, ready to command and receive the east and west armies at any time.Although liao was confused for a while at first, and it was in such a hurry that the troops of various departments were not in place, the Liao army won an early victory and captured many cities, but after stabilizing the situation, the Liao army immediately launched counterattack.Then he defeated Cao Bin on the eastern front, tian Zhongjin on the Middle road, and then he went west without stopping, and attacked the song army, namely the western army led by Pan Mei and Yang Ye, together with the troops of Yeru Hizhen, king of the Southern Court of liao.Zhao Guangyi, the empress dowager of Liao, said that the northern expedition had failed and the plan to recover the 16 states of Yanyun had gone bankrupt.When he ordered all the troops to withdraw, he gave a ridiculous order to the western army: the people of yun, Shuo, Huan and Ying, which had been recovered before, should be withdrawn to the territory of the Song dynasty, which meant to leave the enemy useless and empty cities.Zhao Guangyi’s intention is good, ancient population is the basic, but also the focus of the war between the two countries.Moreover, the people of these four states were originally song people and were annexed by Liao, so they naturally wanted to return to Song.Taizong’s original intention also has the idea that pacifies li people common people.However, the emperor’s order was just a stupid and absurd one. The war was so tense that the Western army was facing the danger of being annihilated by the Liao army at any time. At this moment, it was necessary to retreat as quickly as possible and proceed lightly.But with the heavy burden of tens of thousands of people, the Song army moved slowly and lost precious time.Under the crisis, Yang Ye suggested to Pan Mei that they should be divided to attract the main liao army in Yingzhou to win time for the migration of the people.In addition, thousands of strong bow archers were selected to ambush on the only way to retreat, specifically the two easily defended and difficult passes of Chenjia Valley and The mouth of Exhausted Valley.Only in this way can the task of moving the people and repelling the Liao army be completed.The advice of The Khitan cavalry Yang Ye was undoubtedly correct!He himself had fought with the Khitan cavalry in the northern border for a long time, and had rich experience in the strategy and tactics of the Liao army.At present, the enemy is strong and weak, and the enemy is iron cavalry, mobile and flexible, fast, field strength far beyond the Song army.Yang Ye’s plan was not to go head-to-head with the Liao soldiers, but to deal with the enemy cleverly, attracting the enemy by division and alternately covering the retreat of the people.But Yang Ye of this plan, but be superintendency army wang 侁 suspect to have strange intention, after all is the person that surrender comes over, in short have to guard point, otherwise the emperor also won’t send them to be superintendency army.Wang 侁 vetoed the proposal of Yang Industry, general manager Pan The United States is not whether or not, the key moment did not firmly support Yang Industry, and another monitor liu Wenyu also echoed Wang 侁.In fact, since Yang Ye annexed to the Song Dynasty, taizong was reused, has been promoted several times, has long been the northern Song dynasty frontier commanders are jealous, Pan Mei and Wang 侁, Liu Wenyu are dissatisfied with Yang Ye, which is doomed to Yang Ye’s plan even if it is very correct, but also can not pass.Yang jia general Wang 侁 way: “we have tens of thousands of elite troops, do you still need to fear liao soldiers?I think we only need to march along the Yanmenguan road with great fanfare. When the enemy sees it, they will certainly be shocked by the momentum of our army. They will certainly be extremely afraid and dare not act rashly.Yang Yesdao: “now the enemy is strong and we are weak, and the enemy’s soldier front is in its heyday. This will surely lead to the death and injury of soldiers in vain but fail to accomplish the mission.”Wang 侁 sarcasm Yang ye said: “the general is not known as’ Invincible ‘Yang?Do you have other plans for cowering before you see the enemy?””I am not afraid of death,” said Yang Ye, a disciple of Cao Bin in the Cao King’s Temple. “But it is not the time for us to face a decisive battle.Besides, the emperor gave us the task of moving people, not fighting the enemy.”Yang Ye was originally a surrender general, most afraid of others suspected that he had two minds, but had to lead the troops to battle.He said to wang 侁, “I can’t bear to do what I know I can’t do.But you question why I didn’t die. I should have died before everyone else.”Before leaving, Yang Begged Pan Mei to set an ambush at the mouth of the Chens valley. Pan Mei agreed.In fact, Yang ye expected that the battle would be defeated, if there were reinforcements at Chengukou, there might be survivors.Yang Ye was forced to go to battle, which was exactly what the Liao army wanted. However, He retreated while fighting, leading the Song army into an ambush. After the sound of trumpets, tens of thousands of liao troops attacked from all sides, and the Song army was encircled.Yang Ye led his troops in a vigorous battle. They killed from morning to evening, bleeding their robes. Although they killed a large number of Liao soldiers, they also suffered heavy casualties, and the enemy fought more and more.Yang Ye rate of the remnants of the siege, liao army swarms, followed and blocked, Yang Ye had to fight while retreating, to the direction of Chen Gugu and retreat.Yang Ye was defeated and captured. However, when The remnants of Yang Ye retreated to the mouth of Chens Valley, there was no sign of reinforcements.It turned out that after Yang Ye’s departure, Pan Mei had stationed two thousand archers at the mouth of The Chens Valley. But from morning to evening, Wang 侁 and Liu Wenyu repeatedly sent their men up to look into the distance, eager to win the battle, but they could not find any sign of Yang Ye’s headquarters.So two people think Yang Ye has won, in order to take credit, have retreated to the Territory of the Song Dynasty, in order to pick up a little war.And as the head coach of Pan Mei, unable to control the department, under the lobbying of wang 侁, also led the department to leave, no longer waiting for Yang Ye, Chen Gukou did not leave a soldier.The mouth of Chen Jia Valley is a narrow pass with towering cliffs on both sides and only a rugged path in the middle to pass through.The Song army could not pass quickly, and was immediately blocked by the Liao army, which was pursued and pursued, and was again surrounded by the enemy.Fight to this on, Yang ye understand, he can no longer return to heaven!Looking at the side to follow their own years, bloody battles, covered with scars of the soldiers, Yang Ye shed tears, he said: “you all have wives and children, don’t have to die with me here, hurry to escape, I stay to cover.”But the soldiers refused to leave.Yang Ye sighed and mounted his horse to battle again. He tried his best to fight again and killed hundreds of enemies again. However, his horse was wounded and fell to the ground. Yang Ye was thrown off his horse and surrounded by liao soldiers.The Liao had heard that Yang Ye was valiant and skilled in battle, so they tried every means to invite him to surrender. However, Yang Ye thanked Emperor Taizong for his trust and refused to obey him. At last, he died after three days of fasting.His side of the general Wang GUI, he Huaipu and his second son Yang Yanyu were killed in battle.It is said in the pingshu “Yang Jia general” that Yang Jiye was defeated, besieged on all sides, desperate, crashed into the Li Ling monument and died.This is art fiction processing and come, in fact will not be so coincidentally, Yang Ye in a cornered occasion, can meet Li Ling monument.The reason why so said, or to highlight Yang ye’s “loyal” heart to the country.Yang Qilang song army defeated, Yang Ye died in battle news spread to Kaifeng, Taizong was furious, then severely blame, Wang 侁 and Liu Wenyu were dismissed, disbanded, demobilized and sent to Yunnan.Pan Mei was demoted three levels and had her salary cut.It can be seen that Yang Ye was defeated, wang 侁 and Liu Wenyu bear the main responsibility, Pan Mei bear the secondary responsibility, mainly his attitude is ambiguous, hesitant, did not support Yang Ye, a bit of the first rat both ends, lack of courage, listen to Wang 侁 and Liu Wenyu’s words, resulting in Yang Ye was defeated and died.But soon after, Pan Mei was restored to her former post, and later became even more glorious and honored.Yang Qilang summed up, if you want to say that two people who loyal who treacherous, that Pan Mei is undoubtedly more loyal than Yang Ye.As the old saying goes: a good horse has no saddle, and a loyal minister does not serve two masters.And cloud: loyal minister not two Lord, chastity girl not more two husband, Yang Yesian followed Liu Chong of the Northern Han dynasty, is liu Chong’s right-hand man, humerus minister, the country after the defeat of the army to take refuge in the Song dynasty, is not a clean body.But on the other hand, a good bird chose wood to live, and a wise minister chose the Lord to act. Yang Ye was wise and acted with the tide. Knowing that the Northern Han dynasty was short-lived, he then devoted himself to the Northern Song, which can also be understood as an enlightened choice.Yang Ye Therefore, the theory that Pan Renmei was a great traitor and Yang Jiye was a great loyal minister handed down from thousands of years of drama and pingshu is untenable and fictional, and there is no “fight” between them. Pan Mei was forced to take the blame for more than one thousand years.There’s not a lot of overlap between them.But by contrast, in terms of military achievements, prestige and status, Yang Ye is much lower than Pan Mei.In addition, in the official history, Yang Ye only had two sons, namely the eldest Yang Yanzhao (also known as Yang Liulang) and the second son Yang Yanyu. There were no qilang, eight tigers, eight sisters and nine sisters.Liu Lang’s name is because the Khitan people think he is the reincarnation of the “Six Lang Star” of heaven, not the sixth ranking.Moreover, The Yang family on Yang Yanzhao has made achievements, to the third generation of Yang Wenguang, has been greatly inferior to the former!As for Yang Zongbao, he does not exist in history and is a made-up figure.After three generations of The Yang family, there were no more famous people and they were largely unknown.In the water Margin, Yang Zhi is not a descendant of the Yang family. It is difficult to verify the “five hou Ling Gong” he says. Like Liu Bei, he is suspected of being a fox and a tiger.