3 gold!Make history!Frog Princess, one jump to win!

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Just now, Gu Ailing won the gold medal in women’s freestyle skiing platform!China’s much-anticipated Gu Ailing cleared 93.75 points in the first jump and 88.50 points in the second in the women’s freestyle platform final at the Beijing Winter Olympics this morning.In the crucial third jump, Gu resisted the pressure and jumped out of a highly difficult dance. She couldn’t believe herself, and tears filled her eyes. Finally, she secured the gold medal with 94.50 points.It was Gu’s first gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Net friend: Gu Ailing seems to be able to fly!GuAiLing two-day competition attracted attention, 18, she also is one of the most dazzling star for the Olympics are nicknamed “the frog princess” she was able to so high attention of ultra high competitive level is the most important factor in her very young also got very brilliant achievement yesterday morning, the freestyle skiing women’s big game platform,Gu Ailing has made her Olympic debut in Beijing.Gu Ailing of China competes in Beijing, Feb 7, 2018.Xinhua News Agency reporter Xiong Qi photo although not the gold medal event, but her preliminary round still attracted the attention of many people.Earlier, the hashtag # Gu’s debut topped the list.In the first round of the competition, Gu Got 89.00 points for her first jump in her Winter Olympics debut, ranking the third.Gu made a mistake in the second round and scored only 24.50 points. She ranked 16th in the first two rounds.The third jump gu Ailing performed steadily, scoring 72.25 points, her best two jumps combined 161.25 points, smoothly into the top 12 to compete in the final.Gu Ailing of China competes in Beijing, Feb 7, 2018.Xinhua News Agency reporter Xue Yuge photo finally, this expected value to pull full competition as scheduled.At the age of 18, but already a household name, she officially started her first Olympic Winter Games with unlimited expectations.The result is as expected before the game, Gu Ailing smoothly into the final.Gu is a newcomer at the Winter Olympics.Gu will compete in the freestyle skiing grand jump, slopestyle and halfpipe at the Beijing Winter Olympics. She is a strong contender in all three events.After returning from injury in December, Gu won six international gold MEDALS in 36 days, adding to her collection of World Cup titles.Source: screenshot of Gu Ailing’s weibo account.In the face of the “snow dancer” achievements, the International Snow Federation once praised, “Gu Ailing has done nothing but win this season”, which is a fitting description.In March 2021, Gu Ailing injured herself in her first World Championships and won two gold MEDALS and one bronze, becoming the first Chinese skier to win two gold MEDALS at the freestyle World Championships.She has rewritten the history of ice and snow in China again and again.”I am looking forward to my performance in the Winter Olympics,” Gu said with confidence.Her confidence comes from the usual hard training, from the courage to break through.In previous competitions, Gu has always smiled at the camera with her trademark smile.The first impression she left was that she was sunny and optimistic.In her debut show yesterday, the “golden dragon” on the back of her black blazer also caused a stir.After the race, Gu was very excited to show her clothes to everyone. “This is my design, and the skis are also my own design. It means dragon among men.I have always been concerned about fashion and am also a model, so I want to bring Chinese elements to the world through skiing and let more people know about it.”Gu said the most important thing she wants to do is to expose more people to freestyle skiing and get more people involved in the sport by herself.Come on, Frog Princess!Source/Red Star News (reporters Hu Minjuan, Li Bo), Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, China News Network women’s rights protection public welfare service hotline: 12338