Self-assistance of an Autistic Family (1)

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(not her real name to protect minors, the article, not photo) from zaozhuang by long distance bus, get off in the middle of the linyi high-speed export and again on the way to sunshine bus, gray mother from more than five o ‘clock in the morning to go out, with pancakes, zaozhuang of Fried chicken in the home, after more than five hours, at 12 noon more minutes to reach the sun, and then take a bus, or on foot,Or take a motorcycle taxi to a facility here for mentally handicapped children.Her son, now 16, has been in foster care for more than three years.This is a special family. After being diagnosed with autism at the age of four, Little Grey went to various hospitals in Beijing and found various rehabilitation institutions for treatment. However, he was finally sent to a nursing institution for care.In May 2019, the stressful little Grey father, in great pain, ended his life with a thin jump rope, sitting by a radiator, leaving the little grey mother, an autistic son, and a healthy but then only one year and five months old girl.Every few months, little Grey mother took a bus from Zaozhuang to Rizhao to visit her son. She cooked some delicious food at home and took him out to stroll in the street. The next day, she took a bus back to Zaozhuang.But this time, as the Spring Festival approached, she took her son home to take care of him for a while, preparing him to stay at home for a warm Year of the Tiger.The following is the little grey mother’s own account.Gray Dad and I were introduced in 2003.His elder sister-in-law (father’s elder sister) is also working in our mine, she asked a friend to introduce (me), her friend and I are working in the repair shop.We got married in 2004 and the baby was born in 2005.When my son was more than 4 years old, he went to the kindergarten. The kindergarten teacher did not let him pick me up at noon. I asked the teacher, how was the child inside?At that time, I thought he was a little bit bad. I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong with him. How could I be so stupid at that time?Do not understand these, because at that time I and his contact little, he was two and a half to four and a half years old when I went to work, his grandparents to see him, to the afternoon and evening after dinner he went to sleep.Her dad dropped him off in the morning and went to work.On Saturday and Sunday at home, I thought he was a little more boring than normal kids. He didn’t talk much, because at that time he didn’t have any emotional problems, and he didn’t bark like that, and his performance was not far from normal kids.When did it get serious?On the kindergarten began, I asked him how the teacher inside the school ah?She said very good ah, pretty good, a teacher said so.But from that time, he pee pants three times a week, he pee pants in the kindergarten, I said he didn’t do that before ah, and then asked him, he also don’t say in that giggle, I was afraid, and then on the Internet search, search this situation, went to Beijing children’s hospital to see, people say there is this disease, autism.All the tests were done, the M.R.I. and everything, and they said you should go to rehab.Think misdiagnosis at that time?It was as if he was still holding on to that wish. It must have been misdiagnosed.In fact, a lot of children are not intelligent development, for the brain development is not complete, this month no longer development.Well, there are retrogressions.I didn’t know the first time either. We lived so close to the hospital.You just want to wait until you’re almost symptomatic before you go to the hospital.When I was pregnant for two months, I also had a fever, but I didn’t take medicine, and I felt ok. In fact, I was bold at that time and should go to the hospital. At that time, I was young and not sensible, nor did I have that consciousness.When I arrived at the hospital, the doctor said that the child did not have a drop of amniotic fluid, delayed too long, afraid of incomplete brain development.Just a few days ago, you couldn’t have done it yourself. C-sections are too expensive.Because when he was born, he was too small, only 4 pounds 22, but also a week.I think he would hate me if he knew.Now have a small 2 ni son, just don’t think he really normal, the somebody else a normal child one day sleep sleep much more special, he went to bed, the less he will cry, held him back and forth every day, every day to more than eleven o ‘clock at night, he started to act, to make a burst of, must be uncomfortable, then do not understand, do not know to take him to the hospital to have a look, see too late,When he was just born, the doctor asked someone to go to the pediatrics department. I don’t know why I didn’t take him there, and the next day I went to the delivery room.I actually contacted a free agency, but the request was mild and required an interview.Down’s syndrome is often accepted there. His management is quite good, and he has more contacts.However, people generally do not want autistic children. If there is any danger of an autistic child, people are hard to explain. We are a severe child, and people do not want to accept such a child.That school is in Zaozhuang city, you need to shuttle every day, I have this small I still don’t care (not).My mother can not help me, my mother is rural, mom and dad is not good, my mother only in April surgery, lumbar vertebrae that place broken, the card below 4 steel nails, just take, she can not see them, my father lumbar disc herniation, also not, nearly 80 years old.I am old and small, I have three brothers above, all very love me.His grandma is nearly 80 years old and in bad health, and can’t take care of him. He can throw his grandma down once in his arms.He thought it was fun, and that didn’t work, and I still couldn’t work, so he had nobody to take care of him.His father loves him very much.When little grey father didn’t want little two before, I didn’t let him do anything at home, and occasionally cooked.After all to small erni, busy, almost his father do housework, washing clothes and cooking.I’ll mop the floor.Especially with this small ni, feel indebted to him, he fed to 160 catties.He liked to drink milk, and his father was unwilling to dress himself, to eat himself, to drink himself.All for the child, milk powder is bought for him by the case, let him drink.Powdered milk, fresh milk, and snacks. Grey likes Oreos, so his dad buys them by the box.”I’m not good at cooking, I’m not good at cooking. I remember his father was good at cooking.”After having xiao Ni, xiao Grey slept with his father, his father went to bed too late, eleven twelve before going to bed, xiao Grey no one hug to sleep he did not go to sleep, he also became eleven twelve before going to bed, a late sleep habit.Then his dad couldn’t sleep when he wanted to, and he kept bothering his dad so much that he didn’t go to bed until two o ‘clock at night.Mom: You still want to eat?You can eat it later, okay?What do you say you want?Say it.Son: Yes.Mom: What’s this?Have a look, what’s the dish?Son: Chicken legs.Mom: Yes, it’s a drumstick, ok, ok, here you go, if you want to eat it, ok?Then go wash your hands.(To be continued) One point walking on the ground floor