Scenery no longer Hong Kong elder sister predicament: Tan Xiaohuan wet market selling fish eggs, Yang Yuanyi mortgage crown also huge debt

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Waves behind the Yangtze river push on the waves before, which seems not to be appropriate for miss Hong Kong.The Hong Kong Sister pageant in the 1980s and 1990s was an island sensation, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it was the largest civilian star-making factory in Hong Kong.Michelle Reis, Shaofen Tsai, Wing Yee Yuen, Farong Chen, Maggie Cheung, I don’t know how many of the most popular female stars came out of the Hong Kong sister competition, but even once the scenery of the Hong Kong sister, it is inevitable to become a bygone artist.Today we will have a look at a few flash in the pan Hong Kong elder sister.In 1990, Leung Siu-bing, the third runner-up of Sister Hong Kong, entered the Miss Hong Kong beauty contest at the age of 19.In fact, at the beginning of the final, Liang Xiaobing’s audience support is not high, so even she did not hold too much hope for herself.But one judge turned the tables when he praised her: Chow Yun-fat.When her hat fell off during her performance, she reacted quickly by sitting on the ground and taking off her chin.Chow Yun-fat because of this move, when commenting on Liang Xiaobing praised, said she is very clever, very talented as an actor.At that time, Liang Xiaobing felt that he could rely on this opportunity to debut when an actor is also very good, did not expect to finally take the third place.After the competition, Liang signed a contract with TVB and starred in TV series such as “Blood Seal Blade” and “Lone Star Sword”.However, he is most impressed by the “Deer and the Cauldron” in ake.When she appeared, she surprised many people. However, such a beautiful sister retired from the entertainment industry after her marriage, and occasionally appeared in TVB TV series as a guest actor.Only in recent years has she joined the live-streaming business.But over 50 she did not have the youth of that year beautiful, back circle early know her people are few, live with goods when the number of people watching is very embarrassing, in the commercial performance struggling to sing the way also makes people slightly sad.Although her career was not satisfactory, she had a happy family. They lived happily together and occasionally showed affection to her husband. Compared with the following Hong Kong sisters, she was in a good situation.You may not know Tan Xiaohuan, but you must remember the childhood of a god play “The Legend of Search” there is a lucky color sister, her mother was beaten out of line, she is still laughing, lucky color naturally come.If you’ve seen the show, you’ll remember the infinite God, with his red hair, exaggerated lip color, and explosive temper, as the kind of character that makes kids cry.She was played by Tan Xiaohuan, the champion of Hong Kong Sister beauty pageant.Tan Xiaohuan is a good student since childhood, graduated from The University of Boston.At the age of 22, I participated in the Miss Hong Kong beauty contest and won the championship unexpectedly.Top of the Hong Kong sister champion’s aura, Tan Xiaohuan by TVB’s attention.At the beginning of the partner Ekin Cheng, in the “Young And Confused” cut a figure, then a variety of resources poured in.In addition to her film career, she also made a foray into music and published a chapter.The album also won the most Promising new artist award.Is such a talented and beautiful actor, 18 years of service wireless monthly salary is still only fourteen thousand Hong Kong dollars, even if other companies come to recruit TVB is only willing to add 300 people.Under this kind of salary make little elder sister does not have what career ambition, also fall in love brain upper body, and a dance teacher fell in love with unexpectedly quit the entertainment circle.It only lasted three years.Later, Tan Xiaohuan met her current husband CAI Qiangrong, and after marriage, she devoted herself to the family.But this CAI Qiangrong is not honest, go out to steal to eat, but also caught by the media is a line.But for the sake of the family, Tan Xiaohuan chose to forgive him.A few days later, CAI Rongqiang was diagnosed with cancer.To save money to see a doctor for her husband, Tan Xiaohuan had to pay to earn money.But the entertainment circle that changes with each passing day did not belong to her place long ago.In desperation, she had to set up a stall to sell fish eggs.In the past, the favorite of the entertainment circle suddenly became a peddler selling fish eggs on the street, and many people expressed regret for her experience.In the face of everyone’s concern, Tan Xiaohuan said he has not to mind these, bright and can not be a meal.Everyone has their own way of living, once was only once, now is real.Their youth is also a memory of an era.Ms. Lee joined TVB shortly after finishing third in the 1994 sister Hong Kong election.At first wireless still attaches great importance to her debut of the first play she and dawn partner, dawn is still chasing her, germinating, but two people are predestined relationship without points.Subsequently, Li qihong has appeared in the Return of the Condor Heroes, Golden Branches and Jade Leaves 2, The Pride and other films and TV series.She was also nominated for two awards in 1988 for Her work in “Self-Comb” and “Thief Spy.”At this time li Qihong can be described as the scenery is unlimited.But in 2002, Li qihong was diagnosed with depression due to genetics and too much pressure. The pain was so painful that she retired from the entertainment industry and became a nurse.It was only in recent years that Ms. Li, who is in her 50s, resurfaced.Her face was thin and her smile was no longer sweet.Ms. Lee was followed by Ms. Yeung, who grew up in the United States.Like all Hong Kong elder sister, Yang Yuanyi had also broken into TVB by virtue of appearance and talent, shooting “god list” “Johnny Chan” and other films and TV dramas, but unfortunately in the entertainment industry struggle for several years, always a little under fire.She retired to get married in 2003, but her marriage has not been smooth.In 2011, the couple opened an education center, but in 2018, they were sued for tens of millions of yuan due to financial mismanagement and lawsuits.In order to pay off her debts, Yang yuanyi mortgaged her house, as well as her Hong Kong sister and crown. She then moved to the United States with her children, earning a living by teaching English in educational institutions, and occasionally setting up a stall with her daughter to sell homemade earrings.In fact, in addition to the several Hong Kong sister we said, there are many Hong Kong sister are from the brilliant unknown.Guo Xianni, Li Shanshan, Liang Minyi.How many are there in Hong Kong?Michelle Reis, Yuen Wing Yee, Tsai Shao-fen.The fate of Hong Kong sisters is really sad.Some people will marry into a rich family with their beauty and talent, and from then on they will have food and clothing, and some people will be a flash in the pan, worried about their livelihood.Abjection under they eventually became the tears of The Times.