Premier League: Norwich v Burnley in a relegation battle

2022-07-05 0 By

Norwich v Burnley it will be a relegation battle in the Premier League this weekend as bottom strugglers Norwich host relegation zone strugglers Burnley with few fixtures left and both sides in need of points.So this is going to be a fight.Throughout the current status of two teams, in Norwich, since to the top flight, has been unable to adapt to high strength against and fast rhythm, not only attack extreme fatigue, more than half of the game can’t gain goal, defending was frequently worn by opponent, cause they want to steal rebound extremely difficult, and now they have been behind the safety line too much,Despite their theoretical chances of avoiding relegation, Norwich are practically on their deathbed, depending on how long they can survive.Different from Norwich’s situation, although with burnley aspects in the relegation zone, but avoid relegation to much optimistic prospect clearly, after beating directly from relegation rivals everton in the league last, they are now with everton’s integral disparity has been reduced to 1 minute, LianZhanLian defeat at everton and himself well to win the morale of the check pattern contrast, burnley have undoubtedly see the shore of hope,What’s more, Burnley recently away from the success of snatching points many times, in the face of the mere deputy squad leader naturally more emboldened.Generally speaking, the two teams are not far apart in the table, but because of the current morale of the two sides, and the difficulty of avoiding relegation is very different, so even if Norwich are at home, but morale is low and the battle is not high, burnley, who are fighting to avoid relegation, may not be able to afford.In terms of statistics, the outside world did not give Norwich any concessions, the late trend is more inclined to the visitors side, Norwich lack enough confidence to support, so this game comprehensive data, more inclined to burnley unbeaten.