Huawei has released a new patent for autonomous driving: a fusion camera and radar sensor

2022-07-05 0 By

Huawei has published a patent related to autonomous driving that integrates two sensors, a camera device and radar, according to patents issued by the State Intellectual Property Office.According to the patent filing, the autopilot assistance system includes a camera device, at least one radar and a processor, and the system is configured with a technical solution of the implementation method, and the autonomous vehicle includes the autopilot assistance system described above.The method applied by Huawei integrates two sensors, the camera device and radar, and fuses the obstacle distribution information obtained by the two sensors. After fusion, the drivable area of the vehicle is expressed in the form of probability.In this way, the obstacle information around the vehicle can be comprehensively obtained, and the detection blind area caused by the blind area of the camera device or radar detection range can be avoided.The methods include: 1. The neural network is used to process the image data acquired by the camera device to obtain the first probability distribution of obstacles;2. The second probability distribution of the obstacle is obtained according to the echo time and echo width of the radar echo signal;3. According to the first probability distribution of the obstacle and the second probability distribution of the obstacle, the drivable area of the vehicle is obtained with probability, and the probability represents the probability of the vehicle being impassable.The patent was filed in May 2020. According to previous data, Huawei has published 54 patents related to autonomous driving so far.