Don’t miss!Nanjing assist zhongwei landa double straight down 10,000 yuan

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◆◆◆ Toyota’s New Year will be a great start, manufacturers limited subsidies, the whole city insurance, buy your difference!◆◆◆TNGA medium SUV Velanda double engine 197,800 units sold, won the annual general manager of my store first model!!Veranda double engine enjoy “unlimited life, unlimited mileage” battery insurance plan!① The whole department has 0 yuan down payment.② Loan 80 thousand 2 years interest-free, 58 yuan per day;③ replacement to enjoy 5000 yuan replacement gift package;④ Car can participate in the lottery, a variety of appliances you can draw, the winning rate of 100%;(5) old customers recommend to buy the car is sent basic maintenance once;⑥ Car upgrade my shop six VIP privileges.① Based on TNGA-K platform, produced from high QDR production line;② Landa brothers, from highlanda high quality gene;Equipped with 2.0 and 2.5L dual-engine power systems, the thermal efficiency exceeds 40%;(4) No four-wheel drive, no SUV, Veranda is equipped with DTC (Highlander four-wheel drive), DTV (left and right wheel arbitrary proportional power output), E-FOUR (Elfa four-wheel drive) three four-wheel drive;⑤ Provide leading, luxury, technology, noble four grades to choose from.Highlander high performance version, 100 km acceleration less than 7 seconds, sports car power output.Enjoy one-to-one exclusive services: detailed configuration of models, differences between models of the same class, the latest car purchase policy, car pick-up situation;At the same time, you can get a beautiful gift at the store!Or click or button, a professional consultant will call you back!Address: Dongqi Road car park.Promotion time from February 16, 2022 to February 16, 2022 Velanda latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Nanjing quotation two-engine 2.5L two-drive leading version 205,800 yuan 10,800 yuan 195,800 yuan two-engine 2.5LTwo drive premium edition 239,800 yuan 229,800 yuan double engine 2.5L two drive science and technology edition 242,800 yuan 232,800 yuan double engine 2.5L two drive luxury edition 228,800 yuan 218,800 yuan double engine 2.5LFour-wheel drive deluxe edition 241,800 yuan 231,800 yuan 2.0L two-drive leading edition 171,800 yuan 161,800 yuan 2.0L two-drive distinguished edition 218,800 yuan 20,800 yuan 2.0L two-drive science and technology edition 218,800 yuan 20,800 yuan 2.0LFour-wheel drive technology edition 226,800 yuan 226,800 yuan 226,800 yuan 2.0-L Two-wheel drive luxury edition 19,800 yuan 188,800 yuan 2.0-L four-wheel drive luxury edition 207,800 yuan 197,800 yuan