Areze 5P only 555 yuan love car loan home

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If you are still hesitatingabout buying a car, you may still wait and see. Currently, TaianShengli Chery Shop Erizze 5 PLUS has a 7.87% drop in color to choose from. Now there are plenty of cars, and the discount time is 01.31-01.31.★ Buy a car to choose a car, to see try to decide again, to the shop to enjoy many courtesy: call 17030498411 booking to the shop customers, all enjoy beautiful gifts!Participate in the star road model test drive, get an exclusive gift!Enjoy 5 years of 0 interest rate, down payment as low as 9999 yuan, easily the car “loan” home!To the store can be free evaluation, replacement to the highest can enjoy 10000 yuan subsidy!During the event, customers will be lucky to hit golden eggs, and there will be a grand prize for hammers!Network customers enter the store to open exclusive reception channel, unveil exclusive prices, enjoy exclusive custom gifts!Enjoy one-to-one professional service, customized personal car purchase plan, hotline:17030498411 Taishan District East New Area Boyang Road middle section (50 meters north of the Province Zhuang Town thermal power Plant road west) promotion time From January 31, 2022 to January 31, 2022 preferential terms in-store insurance, in-store licensing, in-store loans, in-store replacement Erizei 5PLUS latest quotation model manufacturer guidance price/subsidy price preferential range Taian quotation small AI 1.5T CVT wisdom PLUS 99,900 yuan 0.5,500 yuan 94,400 yuan small AI 1.5T CVT PLUS 89,900 yuan 0.5,500 yuan 84,400 yuan small AI 1.5TManual type PLUS7.69 ten thousand yuan to 05500 yuan, 71400 yuan enjoy 1.5 L small AI CVT PLUS8.39 ten thousand yuan to 05500 yuan, 78400 yuan small AI manually at 1.5 L PLUS7.49 ozawa 1.5 L ten thousand yuan, 05500 yuan 69400 yuanCVT enjoy PLus83,900 RMB 0.5,500 RMB 78,400 RMB Ozawa 1.5T manual plus76,900 RMB 0.5,500 RMB 71,400 RMB Ozawa 1.5T CVT wisdom plus99,900 RMB 0.5,500 RMB 94,400 RMB Ozawa 1.5LOzawa 1.5T CVT enjoy plus89,900 yuan ozawa 1.5L manual type plus69,900 yuan 0.5,500 yuan 64,400 yuan small AI 1.5LSmall AI 1.5T CVT type PLus84,900 yuan 0.500 yuan 73,400 yuan Ozawa 1.5TOzawa 1.5L CVT type PLus78,900 yuan 0.5,500 yuan 73,400 yuan small AI 1.5T CVT AI powder version 92,900 yuan 0.5,500 yuan 87,400 yuan Ozawa 1.5TCVT Moxa powder edition 92,900 RMB 105,500 RMB 87,400 RMB