An octogenarian woman sells homemade pickles in shenyang’s second-hand market, not for money but for fun

2022-07-05 0 By

Hello, everyone, I’m pretty boy.Today, I would like to take you to shenyang’s second-hand goods market, which is very large and also the childhood memories of many people.The location of this second-hand goods market, located in the south second Ring road below, the whole street is about three kilometers long.There are a lot of people here. Let’s go and have a look.Shopping for a while, looking for a booth with more people.You can see that there are men, women and children to wander around ah, we are concentrating on the selection of treasure, if you come late, it is difficult to squeeze in.One stall caught my eye and I had a chat with the owner.This specialized pickle products, do really good, looking pretty appetite, Laba garlic three yuan a catty, is really affordable.The pickled products on the table are all made by themselves, as well as pickled green pepper, shredded turnip, leek flower, leek flower ten yuan four bottles, buy many people, although the booth is small, the variety is also many, the whole dish is really good.It’s owned by a 78-year-old woman, and she’s really good at it.There were plenty of onlookers around.Then walk, see a good antique booth, 100 son plan, selling price 200, the bronze of the Republic of China era, 1000 yuan, the stall owner said that his father will receive, I also don’t understand, see a lively.There are some tools, boxes and so on. Boxes are very good. If you don’t have boxes at home, you can buy one here.The rent for the stalls here is 100 yuan a month. There are so many people here that everyone can make back their money.Sell what all have, picture book, kettle all have, see an old thing warm pot, 80 a, old radio, all 20 a, the boss said all can listen to, the onlooker really many ah.The following stall sells very few things, all old things, but also all sale, Yuan Datou 50 yuan, gansu version, as well as the old BB machine.That’s all for today, thank you for watching!I hope you enjoy it and pay attention to the comments. See you next time. Bye!