Zhang Yingying sent a lawyer’s letter, denied net spread seconds delete screenshot, big S cut short hair eyes melancholy face haggard

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Wang Xiaofei divorced less than a month ago, was photographed with Zhang Yingying, more media exposure, early before Wang Xiaofei’s divorce was photographed together to Wang Xiaofei’s mansion, Zhang Yingying broadcast, the background is the same as the scene of Wang Xiaofei’s residence.Recently, it was revealed that Zhang Yingying posted a post on her social media account that said, “Wang Xiaofei has nothing to do with me. She has relationships with many girls.”Late on the night of February 10, Zhang Yingying entrusted her lawyer to issue a lawyer’s letter, denying the content of the screenshots deleted by the second, saying that the screenshots were forged by others. Zhang Yingying had never posted such remarks, and the rumor will be held legally responsible.She also set a limit of 100 days for her followers to comment, so netizens directly posted comments on public channels, ranking Zhang at the top of the list.Netizens are not too concerned about the authenticity of the screenshots, as Zhang, like Wang xiaofei, has avoided the Revelations online and has not explained their relationship at all.During the Spring Festival, Wang xiaofei left a message on social media, saying that he was with his mother on vacation in Sanya, and he regretted that he owed Hsu a wedding.But was revealed and Zhang Yingying at the same time in Hainan honey swim, can be really mercilessly hit the face!Two days ago, someone photographed two people went to Shanghai to see the store, Wang Xiaofei took the advantage of drunk a pull zhang Yingying, two fingers clasped side by side, very sweet, next to the friends also took the opportunity to Zhang Yingying to Wang Xiaofei’s arms pushed a, it can be seen that people around know the relationship between the two people.Now Zhang Yingying because of a screenshot refuted rumors to ask for a lawyer’s letter, did not explain the two of the ten fingers linked things, evading the important and light of the lawyer’s letter is not good, netizens laugh that don’t destroy the lawyer’s letter, she let the authority of the lawyer’s letter reduced to the freezing point.Wang xiaofei and Zhang Yingying together, the most sad than Wang xiaofei’s ex-wife S.In the past, Big S cherished her long hair very much, so when Vic Chou put it on his shoulder, she had to go through her consent first.But now she has cut off her long hair and kept her short hair. Sitting in the car, her eyes are sad. Even makeup can not cover the thick dark circles under her eyes, and the pores on her nose are visible to the naked eye.In Sanya, Big S should be happy, relaxed and happy, but big S recent picture is so low, let a person look distressed.At the beginning and Wang Xiaofei together when big S is how happy and happy, every day to enjoy the feeling of being held in the hand of the heart, once the pillow suddenly ran to the side of others, although the mouth said a blessing, but the heart still can not put.I also hope that Wang Xiaofei can also be early official announcement, since the heart has someone, to give others an explanation, but also let S completely out of this relationship, brave to look forward.