Zhang Junshuo: The harvest of talking and evaluating lessons in Line and Angle

2022-07-04 0 By

On the afternoon of January 12th, I said a lesson in the recording room of the school. The name of the lesson was Line and Angle. What I said in this lesson was not satisfactory.Several leaders from Weifang College of Education science and Technology gave some guidance to my class, and also guided the direction for our young mathematics teachers how to carry out mathematics teaching more effectively and efficiently in the future. After listening to it, I benefited a lot.Sun was the first to speak, he first said, as a young teacher we should set goals for themselves, find the way of teaching.The point is to use your mind and love it.For this class, Sun reminded me to pay attention to the thinking behind the teaching content, rather than the results.The design of the process is the most important, there should be a feeling of suddenly enlightened, and the feeling of Epiphany, the teacher should refine their own expression, let the students become the discoverer of knowledge.We should also attach great importance to conceptual representation and grasp it, but not in concept. We should advocate the replacement of infinite imagination by the finite, and we should use philosophical thoughts to guide the replacement of static state by dynamic state, the transformation of concreteness to abstraction, and the transformation of generality to abstraction.Engels said that mathematics is the science of number relations and spatial forms.Back to this class, Sun emphasized that we must bring in life examples and life experience, so as to fully mobilize the flexibility of students’ thinking, such as:With golden stick, with car lights, flashlight and other tools into the learning of this lesson, will make students understand better, do not bind to the teaching material, do not be rigid, to jump out of the teaching material outstanding flexibility, study and more communication, said that “expression is the shell of thinking”.Sun also asked us to see more famous teachers through various channels.When you’re teaching, you need to find your own perspective, the kind of perspective that makes sense, highlights the nature of mathematics, and makes sure that the class is effective.Director Liu Zhaorui did not say much, but he emphasized two points. The first point is that we must pay attention to logic, including the lecture, including the usual lesson preparation, as well as the guidance of students to pay attention to the concrete to abstract and then return to the concrete process;The second point is that young teachers should have confidence in themselves. All teachers graduated from normal schools and have good academic ability. The key point is that they have not found the most appropriate way to express themselves in class.Pang Linghui, the pang dean, told me that talking about classes is not just about how to teach, but more about why you teach them, illustrating the intention behind them.Then, he said that the process of teaching must pay attention to the characteristics of students, must not go against the nature of pupils, to follow the law of teaching.He explained the importance and feasibility of situational teaching and life teaching through several examples.At the same time, he also encouraged schools to carry out a variety of activities to explain and evaluate lessons, and guided young teachers to focus on the consistency of teaching evaluation. He also quoted the words of “People’s Education” : “Don’t look at the level of writing, but what is written.” He emphasized the thinking process from viewpoint to experience and finally to summary.In the end, President Chua concluded his speech by extracting several key words from the speeches of the three teachers, including thinking, process, imagination, substitution of thinking, substitution of thinking, curriculum understanding, and the cause of differentiation.Through these words, President CAI expanded on what he had learned today and how to guide and train young teachers more effectively in the future.I have gained a lot from today’s lecture presentation and evaluation. I understand that in the course design process in the future, we should focus on the thinking behind the teaching content, instead of just telling students the results.In the future teaching, students’ age and cognitive characteristics should be taken into full consideration from the reality of life. They should not be bound to the teaching materials, but should jump out of the teaching materials and be more flexible.In the future, I will participate more in various activities held by the school, school district and the city to further improve myself.