‘Watergate Bridge’ hits $2 billion box officeBreaking 18 film history records, the Spring Festival film gap is obvious

2022-07-04 0 By

The box office of “Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” topped 2 billion yuan as of 9:35 am on Feb 5, bringing the total box office of new films in 2022 to 4.6 billion yuan, according to real-time data from the data platform.”Watergate Bridge” is likely to top the box office during the Spring Festival, according to several industry insiders.The big question now is whether it can beat its predecessor’s $5.775 billion box office haul.As of press time, Watergate Bridge has increased its screen share to 31.1% and its box office share to 38.1%.Based on this data, the theater line manager has the possibility to continue to increase the proportion of screens.It has broken 18 movie records, but the gap between the box office is obvious.This year’s Spring Festival is different from last year and the year before, but has become a echelon form, so it is not too much to describe it as “one super many strong”.But this year, these “how strong” is not cannon fodder, the competition between each other at the box office is locked in a stalemate, in terms of ratings, each film is very likely to buck the trend of dark horse.Awkwardly, Sniper, directed for the first time by Zhang Yimou and his daughter Zhang Mo, is in the same genre as Watergate Bridge, scoring far higher in the ratings but underperforming at the box office.As of press time, Sniper is the highest rated of the eight films.According to media reports, the “Chojin Lake” series was originally scheduled to release “Chojin Lake” on October 1 and “Watergate Bridge” on October 25, so as to give audiences a full viewing experience, but the epidemic has been planned.The sudden arrival of the Chinese New Year has scared away a number of films that were supposed to be roaring at the box office during this period, including Mahua Happy’s The Big Family.However, it is also of great significance to be screened in the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival is the day for Chinese family reunion, and our happy life today is won by our ancestors who fought hard and gave up their small families for us.On such days, we should not forget the martyrs of our ancestors.In addition, Jackson Yi has starred in watergate Bridge and Miracle this Spring Festival.A movie starring young post-00s actor Yi Yangqianxi has become the first post-00s actor in China to earn more than 10 billion yuan at the box office as of midnight On February 2.This achievement, many actors struggle for many years or even a lifetime is impossible to achieve, and he only used less than 4 years to easily break the record, have to sigh after terrible!Yu Dong, chief producer of the film, said in an interview that he hoped the combined box office of Changjin Lake and Watergate Bridge would exceed 10 billion yuan.According to the prediction of data platform, the total box office of “Watergate Bridge” will be fixed between 5.2-7 billion yuan, plus the box office of the previous “Changjin Lake”, breaking through 10 billion yuan is very easy, yu Winter is too modest!