Watching the Winter Olympics?These ski resorts in Shandong, arranged!

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Su Yiming, 17, of China won the men’s big jump in snowboarding.The heroic posture and spirit of the athletes in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games have ignited people’s passion for ice and snow.These ski resorts in Shandong will let you enjoy the charm of snow and ice and realize your dream of skiing in the Winter Olympics!Xiangshan ski resorts – gold – jinan xiangshan ski resort is located in the beautiful scenery of the gold xiangshan scenic area in the ski resorts types good snow, snow raod, large width let you immersive feel happy and carefree in the white world skiing will be fast and furious melt into his blood draws a graceful arc in the mighty white carpet like enjoy the wild and speed of the wind to bring the pleasure of sources:Jinxiang Mountain Tourism Service Number – Qingdao Rongchuang Zangma Mountain Ski Resort – The ski resort has three courses of different levels, including primary, middle and advanced courses, as well as snow loops, snowmobile trails and children’s snow play area, providing different skiing experience for lovers of different ages.Many figures or professional natural and unrestrained diving from the slide or under the guidance of the coach carefully sliding down whether it is family interaction or friends can enjoy the pleasure of flying self here:Melting and adel town – zibo jade Diane lake resort – jade Diane lake ski slope gentle circle is more suitable for the whole family skiing fun skiing for children let the child in the silver in between heaven and earth enjoy having snow snow and ice jade Diane lake resort of super long ski trails designed for sprint lovers and slide lovers make stimulus and safe newbie on the road, also can enjoy the pleasure of speed limit!Source:Yudai Lake Amusement Park – Yantai Haiyang Linshan Ski Resort- forest resort is located in the north of yantai haiyang city guo Lin town north temple mountain ski resorts is equipped with advanced, competitive, and primary ultimate tao tao makes all sorts of different levels of skiers to experience the pleasure of skiing, play snow skiing, skating, skiing, snowmobiling, snow entertainment such as bicycle let you couldn’t help but indulge in this comprehensive close to feel the charm of ice and snow enjoy belong to youThe charm and elegant demeanour!Source:Haiyang Linshan Ski Resort – Weifang Qingzhou Yunmen Mountain Four Seasons Ski Resort- four seasons resort is located in qingzhou cloud gate mountain cloud gate mountain provincial tourism resort with primary, intermediate, and advanced way, veneer, ski trails and other runs no matter you are the novice or HuaXueJie bosses can realize the snow sports here is merry and happy feeling skiing at the same time the key characteristics of cloud gate mountain ski resort of the four seasons is can meet the all-weather 365 days skiingUnlimited fun in both winter and summer!Source:4. Yunmen Mountain Four Seasons Ski Resort and Sorai Mountain Ski Resort is located 18 kilometers southeast of Tai ‘an city with a view to the top of Mount Tai in the northMountains of south Cu company covers an area of 100000 square meters and snow skiing with early, middle and senior trail flying saucer, snowmobiling, mountain sightseeing cable car, the snow slide, slide rope DIY entertainment programs allow you to park in the snow linger in Cu company mountain ski resort encounter the romantic and beautiful experience of snow skiing exciting feelings of ice and snow kingdom source of joy and satisfaction:Tai’an City Cu company mountain ski resort – heze peony ski resort, China – China heze peony ski resort is the largest professional ski resort has not only the national junior professional ski and snow slide, magic carpet elevator, snowmobiling, children sled, leisurely wave ball tanks, snow snow let you happiness hi to explode!The blue sky and white clouds, the white snow on the skis, ride the ski slopes together to enjoy the charm of ice and snow immersion!Source: China Peony Garden