Travel to the places you love with BMW X5

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A strong life is always inseparable from an SUV, which represents heroic, sports and ambition. A glance at it will make people’s hormones rise rapidly. The new BMW X5 is created for you as the pioneer of luxury SPORT utility vehiclesX5 inside and outside repair design aesthetics, exquisite materials and high-end technology configuration perfect interpretation of modern luxury from the exterior to interior are redesigned, design elements not only inherit X family classics, but also lead the fashion trend;Driving experience leapfrog luxury, in the details of the original ingenuity;Rich technology configuration, so that the fun of driving again upgrade.The fourth generation BMW X5, while inherits the luxury gene inherent in BMW X family, integrates modern luxury into the essence of the brand, and makes comprehensive upgrades from innovative technology, driving dynamics and other aspects, striving to create a nearly perfect luxury car.Detail design unique, luxury sensory experience for improving driving experience and luxury atmosphere, designers from details, took great care to provide a series of new configuration: customization level of Merino leather, expand whole system standard electric adjustment can be heated sports seats, built-in advanced four area air conditioning of sweet atmosphere system and large panoramic glass skylights.When night falls, in the BMW X5 cabin, the LED lights distributed evenly on the skylight glass surface can change more than 15,000 patterns. The unique advanced halo creates an ultimate experience like the stars lighting up the sky.Adrian Van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President, Design Center, Luxury BMW Group, said: “The fourth generation BMW X5 is the essence of the BMW X series, with a distinct sense of presence and fashion.It defines a new X design language that is robust, clear, and precise.BMW’s designers know that perfect body proportions are necessary to create luxury that is both inside and out.The new BMW X5 retains the SAV’s iconic body proportions and is designed with a more modern twist: the wheelbase reaches 2975mm and the body length/width/height reaches 4930mm / 2004mm / 17767mm, giving ample interior space and trunk volume. The larger body size makes the cabin a moving palace.”Angel Wings” welcome light carpet and 6 colors of intelligent atmosphere lights for dynamic lighting, creating a very warm and comfortable driving experience.There are four modes: welcome, goodbye, call notification and door closed warning, which can not only send pulse light prompt when the incoming call, handle the call easily with gesture control, but also send pulse alert when the door is not closed, so as to ensure the safety of passengers.The shift lever, the controller, the start/stop button and the volume control button of the radio system are all equipped with resplendence crystal interior components, showing the unique luxury characteristics of BMW X5.Continuing the driver-oriented design style, the re-optimized layout of the control buttons allows the driver to control all operations.The thermos cup holder at the front of the central console can keep the temperature of the container according to the requirements, and it has full tactile heating and other functions.Looking ahead, the all-digital combination instrument and control display bring the driver a more friendly visual sense.Moreover, the built-in 7th generation BMW iDrive human-computer interaction system and the new BMW intelligent display system elevate the driving pleasure brought by BMW X5 to a new level, allowing you to enjoy the journey in prosperous cities or remote suburbs.The fully modernized intelligent cockpit features a new generation of interaction design that is more focused on the driver than ever before.The contents of the inch high-definition digital display can be defined freely according to the driver’s habits and preferences. The flexible application of the control of multiple dialects, voice dialogues and 7 gestures makes human-vehicle interaction a new trend of luxury driving.In the rear, the Professional-grade rear-seat entertainment system also features a new display and control concept, including a pair of 10.2-inch full-HD touch screens, a compatible DVD player, two USB ports, HDMI sockets and two headphone jacks.In the rear seat, passengers can easily select and control entertainment functions while also operating navigation maps and BMW ConnectedDrive services.When you see the beautiful scenery, let BMW X5 play a melodious music for you. The melodious music immediately flows out, and the car is filled with sound, bringing the driver an incomparable audio-visual feast, showing the style of a luxury king.As a member of the X family, BMW X5 is also born with luxury design and rich configuration.Compared with its predecessor, the DRIVER assistance system of the BMW X5 achieves level L2 autonomous driving perfectly, and further enrichis the configuration.New design language, the M aerodynamic components of personalized unique, futuristic design, extremely unique aesthetics of new energy car design elements, elegant feeling, simple, strong innovation and systems integration capabilities, the years of brand, the array of products for BMWM pure fun to drive, from motorsport vanguard technology, good services, the innovation of marketing, and consumersEmotional resonance, full of emotional power.Thank you all for yiwu acquisitive treasure the trust and support, we will continue to innovation, take the customer as the center, into the BMW innovation, individuation, build industry the concept of sustainable development, always adhere to the customer experience as the center, meet the personalized needs, bring customers unique and outstanding travel experience, with strong innovation and systems integration ability and the consumer’s emotional resonance,Make you feel the excellent customer service car purchase experience, make life more convenient.We promise to provide every customer with easy, convenient, safe, intelligent and efficient products, high-quality rich products and high quality is our constant business philosophy.Strive to be the leader of autonomous driving, the pioneer of intelligent interconnection, the leader of technological innovation, the leader of electrification, the leader of future mobility, establish the standard of sustainable development of the industry, and actively assume corporate social responsibility!At the same time, BMW is also luxurious new energy automobile industry one of the popular brand, has a high efficiency power new energy ecosystem and strong research and development system, abide by the principle of ecological sustainable, adhering to the concept of sustainable development, implement green energy, environmental protection, less emissions and lower fuel consumption, production safety environmental protection products, create a safe electric travel experience,Enjoy electric driving.Clear green factories, green energy production and more advanced logistics commitments have become important contents of BMW Group’s long-term strategy (a small program has been added here, please check it on the Smart Car app).