Staff Spring Festival overwork sudden death, B station is busy to clarify?Turns out this happened more than once

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1. Sudden death of employees in STATION B during overtime work!On February 7, a report by Weibo user Wang Lubei caused a stir.On the fifth day of the lunar New Year, the head of the audit department at The Bilibili station, surnamed Guan (also known as Wenmuxin), worked from 9 PM to 9 am and died of massive cerebral hemorrhage caused by excessive overtime, according to his microblog.At that time stirred up thousands of waves, the year just over the day of jubilant work, B station was pushed to the whirlpool of public opinion.The accounts of Mr. Wang and other former employees offer a glimpse of what happened.The sudden death of the employee tube is B station in Wuhan audit group leader, the main task is responsible for the graphic audit, and tube is also a shift leader, and the frontline staff is no different.In addition, the censorship work at Station B is of the highest level. Not only do they have to work 12 hours a day for three shifts, they only have half an hour for meals every day, and they have to sit in front of a screen all the time to review videos.The sudden death of an employee in the AI group work, Wang Luobei also exposed the content and intensity of their group work.I work 12 hours a day, from 9 PM to 9 am if I work night shift, and it is no exception during Chinese New Year. I can’t take annual leave without overtime pay.At the same time, the brutal working atmosphere of station B audit was also made public: the intensity of work, comparable to the factory assembly line;13 salary, in fact, the year-end bonus is not a high monthly salary;It is advertised that they have 70 or 80 days of annual leave, but in fact they come from overtime, and there is a limitation period.The three shifts are the morning shift from 9 to 21:30, the middle shift from 12 to 24, the night shift from 21:30 to 9:30 the next morning, night shift only 50 yuan subsidy;Mandatory overtime, sometimes home breaks and mandatory audits…Despite such intense work, Guan did not rest for five days and died of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage in the early morning of the fifth day of the Lunar New Year.Even more jaw-dropping, this isn’t the first time station B has lost an employee.According to the former employees, as early as December 2020, an IT worker in the Shanghai headquarters of STATION B also died of sudden death due to excessive work intensity, but the news was not widely spread due to the company’s rapid public relations.If the rumors are true, is station B already familiar with such incidents, and is this public relations confusion legal?This is a thriving New Year’s day, but B station relying on shady negative news “thriving”, many netizens can not help but sigh, so you are such a B station!Of course, you can’t just listen to one side of a story, and you can’t judge all events from one side of a story.How did B station clarify the sudden death of employees?The explanation of B station can be summed up in one sentence, this is a non-existent thing!According to the company’s internal letter released by STATION B, the employee surnamed Guan did not work overtime. His working hours were from 9.30 am to 18.30 PM, and he worked five days off and two days off, so there was no overtime.On the afternoon of February 4, Guan was suddenly unwell at home and went to the hospital in an emergency. The relevant business supervisors, managers and HR of STATION B rushed to the hospital immediately after learning the situation and cooperated with the formalities, and informed the family members of the illness. Subsequently, the family rushed to the hospital, but Guan died of his illness.In addition, station B specially emphasized that guan’s group leader had made a work plan for him before the Spring Festival and did not arrange him to work overtime continuously.However, although the internal letter from STATION B seemed to explain the matter in perfect detail and tried to distance the employee’s death from the company, the hidden elementary mistake was discovered by netizens at a glance: “Is it the first time that the company leaders know about the sudden illness of employees when they are resting at home during the Spring Festival?””Since they are resting at home, the family members have no idea and have to notify the company leaders to go to the hospital?””Who has worked at station B knows whether to work overtime or not?””Can you tell you didn’t work overtime just by checking in?The actual situation is that many companies do not clock overtime, clock time does not represent the actual working hours, once the accident according to the attendance record to clarify the staff did not work overtime!’…Moreover, the family members of Mr. B also responded that HE removed his wechat cancellation from the company group in the first time. His bad attitude was not willing to negotiate or comfort his family members, but just wanted to suppress the matter.Although the dust has not yet settled, the clarification of Station B does seem to be on shaky ground.Although station B claims that it does not allow employees to work overtime, it is clearly stated in its job advertisement.As for the recruitment of Audit specialist in Wuhan, the job requirements are “able to accept night shift arrangement, have good ability to work under pressure, the second post has night shift, overnight shift, work 12 hours a day, do a rest and mind not to vote.”Moreover, how tired is the auditor of B station, some netizens ridicule, this is the most helpless and painful type of work in B station, high intensity work salary is low, almost all the year round.According to the data, station B has tens of thousands of videos to be reviewed every day, and there are only 2,000 auditors. Even if they work 24/7, it is difficult to complete all the tasks.The employee’s family revealed that the deceased was only 25 years old and the only child in the family. Everything in the physical examination was normal.What’s more speechless is that there was no solution or sympathy in B station after the incident. Even the leader did not attend the funeral of the deceased, so he directly cancelled the deceased’s wechat account as nothing happened.Eating steamed bread with human blood without any humanistic care B station, worth reflecting!3. Where is the bloodthirsty station B?Foxconn is the first company that comes to mind when it comes to employee deaths.Assembly line factories, intense working hours, monotonous and tired work content, unbearable pressure, some workers despair to commit suicide.Some would say, of course, that this is foxconn on the assembly line, a drab sweatshop.However, site B is different. It is a highly concentrated cultural community platform for Chinese young people, a multicultural community covering more than 7,000 interest circles. It is the birthplace of many popular online words and a cultural community with great interaction, sharing and secondary creation.It founded an esports company and launched the Bilibili video satellite. It is listed on NASDAQ and is favored by many Internet investors.But, so what, these fashionable titles still can’t change the atmosphere of treating employees like assembly-line workers, forcing employees to work overtime and even dying of exhaustion, finally ending up with an internal letter…The culture of overwork and sudden death in STATION B and the attitude of indifference to the dead are chilling!For B station, everyone is questioning, the dead in the end have high intensity overtime?Why did station B cancel the wechat account of the deceased after his death?Does the famous giant STATION B show humanistic care to its employees?Capital is also involved, Internet companies have become assembly line electronics factories, the same thing happened in the company is not only B station, or B station is just the industry this society tip of the iceberg?In the final analysis, the so-called “996 happiness” and “007 happiness” in capitalists’ words are the main culprit that ruins workers’ happiness and even their lives. Besides considering income and interests, what is most important is how to make employees balance work and life efficiently and fully.In addition, the workers who place themselves among them should be sounded alarm bells, overdraw the labor of life is not worth insisting on, learn to safeguard their rights and interests is crucial.Work, is to strive for happiness, but the premise is not to health and life as a bargaining chip.In the face of all over the sky criticism, B station has remained calm and there is no more reply, in addition to regret for the loss of life, we hope that B station can make a reasonable explanation, to be a responsible enterprise, do not cold the hearts of many fans!Note: some of the pictures in this article are from the Internet, and the copyright can not be verified, not for commercial use, if there is infringement, please contact us.Author: Heart to my tong