Linyi public security traffic police remind: romantic festival do not forget traffic safety

2022-07-04 0 By

Every year on February 14, blink of an eye and tomorrow is the Lantern Festival, which is poetic and romantic. Meanwhile, today is also valentine’s Day in the west. Many people are trying to make romance for their partners, but at the same time, they will have to drink a few glasses of wine.When the whole world is looking for the taste of romance traffic police looking for the smell of alcohol on the road in the wind and rain crossroad waiting for you to remind you: during the festival entertainment, dining areas will present a blowout phenomenon of people and cars, suggest the public green travel, save time and worry.Tips: During the festival, with the increase of road traffic flow, there will be a queue of vehicles due to the saturation of traffic flow on the road. Drivers should consciously abide by the traffic laws and regulations when they encounter congested sections. Do not rush for traffic, keep a good attitude, and avoid impatient mood, which may cause traffic accidents.Remind two: entertainment and dining area parking notes warm tips: please drivers friends, no matter out shopping or parties to visit friends, when driving pay attention to the speed, vehicle condition, do safe driving, orderly driving;Please arrange your travel time and route reasonably, law-abiding travel, and standard parking.Remind 3: love life, it is forbidden to drunk driving Linyi public security traffic police during the holiday season to further increase the intensity of regulation is investigated for drunk driving, in key areas such as catering, entertainment, a fixed point inspection and patrol management investigation way, combining the maximum renovation drink driving, traffic violations, to ensure the safety of citizens of the masses.Tips: Keep in mind that driving does not drink, drink do not drive!Eliminate fluke psychology, do not because of temporary drink, bring lifelong regret.Wish all shall be well, Jack shall have Jill!