2.0t +8AT, break 100 in 7 seconds, oversized “nostril” unexpectedly lost to a piece of cloth, opened once fell in love with

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I believe that both boys and girls have a strong yearning for convertible cars. They always think that they represent freedom and attitude towards life.We have to admit that nowadays people’s lives are too tense and rushed, and indeed ignore a lot of ritual and freshness in life.When you take a break from your boring life and get behind the wheel of this CONVERTIBLE BMW 4 Series, your worries are sure to be forgotten.This car not only gives you a taste of BMW’s excellent steering genes, but also a pure Bavarian lifestyle.If the weather is sunny, clear skies, you can open the soft top convertible and nature for an intimate contact, this time you will also have a high head turn rate.I will not say the power parameters of this car here, I believe that many car fans have long been in mind.The new car has a low body posture, a “fighting” sitting position and a lower center of gravity, all of which constantly tempt my right foot to “tread” the gas pedal.When you press the accelerator pedal deeply in comfortable mode, the gearbox immediately degears and finds the right revs to wait for the next kick.You can also enjoy the muffled exhaust from the rear of the car, which is more like an Easter egg from the BMW 4 Series.When adjusted to Sport mode, the “evil” side of the game is instantly revealed to you.Do not easily at this time to “tease” the accelerator pedal, because it is sensitive like a hedgehog, as long as a little step on a point, will directly power transmission out.The 8AT gearbox is the “magic mate”, which makes the BMW 4 Series like a virgin.Driving in the city, almost can not feel its existence, the connection between the gears is very good.When driving on a mountain road, it can keep up with the driving rhythm and intelligently understand the intentions of the driver, even if it carries out frequent ups and downs.When driving on a beautiful country road, the suspension system will completely resolve the small bumps in the road, so that consumers can enjoy the scenery on both sides of the road.When driving aggressively, you can feel the chassis calibration is well balanced, which gives the driver a strong sense of confidence.The all-new BMW 4 Series was controversial when it was first unveiled, with consumers feeling that its grille was too large and looked incongruous.But once you get used to it, the large “two-kidney” grille has become an iconic element, making it much more recognizable than the old model.People need to constantly contact new things, into the new environment, to adapt to the changes of The Times.All 430I models are standard with intelligent laser headlights, in addition to having powerful functions, the internal structure of the headlights is also very delicate.The side shape is not as smooth and smooth as the hardtop, but when you open the top it all seems less important.As a convertible, it can definitely meet the pursuit of young consumers for B lattice.The multiple rims match well with the body.Tyres from Bridgestone’s comfort and sporty T005 series.The front wheels are 225/40 R19 and the rear wheels are 255/35 R19.The low body posture and wider body make it look more powerful and secure.Under the rear of the car using diffuser + bilateral single exhaust layout design, in line with its sports model identity.The interior is a little less fresh than the exterior.If you have driven this generation of BMW models, it is absolutely no difficulty to get started.Special praise should be given to the new iDrive7 operating system, which offers fewer hierarchical menus, more features, and the ability to play small games in the car, and is a bit more useful than its predecessors.The new full LCD meter is smooth to use and can change theme colors, making it easy to get started.And high matching models are also equipped with a lot of safety auxiliary configuration, ACC adaptive cruise is very easy to use, can adjust the distance with the car in front, through the LCD instrument can be clearly viewed.I think we are not unfamiliar with the steering wheel of “THong”, not only sexy shape, grip is also very good.Multi-functional buttons on the left and right sides of the steering wheel can control most functions of the car.The new car seat setting is hard, long time riding will appear the phenomenon of back pain.But the seat is equipped with a neck-warm air function, which acts like an invisible scarf to warm and protect the driver’s head and neck.In conclusion, the current 4 Series is a product with a strong sense of presence. Compared with the 3 Series, it has stronger personality, better sports foundation and some comfort.But the BMW 4 Series is still for the cash-rich young middle class, and a front design similar to the all-new M3/M4 will be a new trend for individuality.