Our city plans to afforestation 330,000 mu this year

2022-07-03 0 By

This year, the city plans to afforestation 330,000 mu (205,000 mu of artificial afforestation, 85,000 mu of enclosure and 40,000 mu of restoration of degraded forests), comprehensively control 260,000 mu of degraded grassland, build more than 500,000 square meters of new urban green land, and improve the quality and efficiency of 125,200 mu of land greening.It is understood that this year, the city will continue to implement five projects including ecological restoration of qilian Mountains, desertification control in the north, grassland ecological protection and restoration, forest and wetland protection, forest and grass industry cultivation.In accordance with the overall layout of “protecting water resources in the south, protecting oases in the middle, and controlling sandstorms in the north”, we will scientifically plan afforestation space, promote ecological governance from the inside out, and increase the total amount of forest and grass resources and the increase of carbon sinks in various ways, so as to comprehensively improve the function and stability of natural ecosystems.Promote afforestation, scenic spots, greening, urban greening, villages and towns industrial park greening, channel, greening, farmland network of forest construction, forest tending and grassland of the management of science and technology innovation of nine big action, balance urban and rural greening, in urban areas, villages and towns and rural areas, scenic spots, parks, channel as the key point, adjust measures to local conditions to carry out afforestation, optimize the structure of forest stand, strengthening tending management, improve the quality of green space,Build a high-quality oasis ecosystem.With the emphasis on road greening, urban street trees, farmland shelterbelts, afforestation in sand areas, and returning farmland to forest, we will continue to promote the replanting and reforestation of forest belts and networks that are devoid of plants and broken belts, damaged forest surfaces, and endangered by diseases and insects, so as to promote the development of land greening from “large-scale” to “high-quality”.It plans to improve the quality and efficiency of 125,200 mu of land afforestation, including 81,000 mu of windbreak and sand-fixation forest, 24,000 mu of farmland returned to forest, 10,600 mu of qilian Mountain culvert and water conservation forest, 9,600 mu of oasis shelter forest, and 420,000 square meters of urban afforestation.