Join mobile game agent, how to promote their own mobile game products?Easy to play games to join the agency

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The purpose of the game itself is to make money, through the payment of players to get their own flow, but how to let their agent of the game is seen by players, so as to attract players to play?At this time, we need to do a good job of the game before the launch of the promotion work, one of the main content of mobile game franchise also includes the promotion of our mobile game products, but the requirements of this content is very high for the accurate launch and promotion of users, and only in this way can our user conversion rate be high, otherwise it is only a waste of money.First of all, the most convenient way to promote is to advertise on the Internet.For the current Internet advertising, there are two main ways to promote Internet advertising, one is programmatic advertising and the other is information flow advertising.Programmatic advertising refers to the use of technical means to carry out advertising transactions and management, advertisers can programmatic purchase of media resources, and use algorithms and technology to automatically achieve accurate target audience orientation, only to the right people.News stream ads are ads that are shown to social media users in their friends’ feeds or in news media and audiovisual media content streams.In addition to carefully analyzing the features of the game to be promoted and comparing the advantages of peers before launching, we should also grasp the pain points of users, so that we can find more users and potential users in the process of precise launching.Secondly, according to the user characteristics and character portrait to the user’s age, gender, region, education background and other information about what kind of software platform they are often active in, they are willing to pay and pay degree and pay point.These we must clearly understand, do a good job of investigation to do know.Then find out the platform to meet the requirements, select a fixed time point timing.Finally, after the launch, it is necessary to collect relevant data, such as article click rate, video viewing volume, forwarding volume, advertising conversion rate, crowd arrival rate, etc., for analysis, and then improve the launch strategy.Etravel is a game incubation platform focusing on the promotion, operation and service of mobile games.Here we will field hand in hand to teach you the skills you need to start a mobile game business, teach you will!We are committed to providing quality resources for every entrepreneur. Through professional operation team’s customized special training and services, we have cooperated with a number of mobile game hobby entrepreneurs, and the incubation effect is remarkable!Looking forward to your joining in the future!