Drunk driving pick up kids from school shake pot Huoxiang zhengqi liquid

2022-07-03 0 By

Recently, chongqing South Bank traffic patrol police arrested a suspected drunk driving driver in the area.In the face of the police’s inquiry, the woman said that she was picking up her children from school and her blushing was caused by drinking huoxiang Zhengqi liquid. After the alcohol test, the final result was 102mg/100ml, exceeding the standard for drunk driving.Only then did the woman admit to drinking red wine.The police severely criticized his behavior and contacted his family to pick him up.The result of the final blood test still exceeded the drink-driving standard, so she will have her driving license revoked and cannot obtain it again for five years, and will bear the corresponding criminal responsibility.Shu remind: always keep in mind “don’t drink and don’t drive”, firmly put an end to the illegal behavior of drunk driving.# Blue V Vision # China Police online