Xue Baoqin is from the “zhenzhen country” beauty of the Western regions, shocked the later fragrant concubine?

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Xue Baoqin article/Lai Xiaowei If Xue Baoqin is really the legend of the Emperor qianlong’s concubine – fragrant concubine, that I do not know how many fans will be shocked to break the glasses of the Dream of red Mansions.In everybody traditional thinking, Xue Baoqin is classic belle all the time, how can overnight become the belle of western region?I’d be surprised, too.But please don’t be too quick to deny that xue Baoqin in the 87 version looks very much like a Uygur girl, doesn’t she?Anything is possible.You might as well hear me out.This is because in the list of “twelve jinling women are after sits qianlong dynasty filial piety pure queen and deputy hui xian xian imperial concubine of the emperor, and another concubine of emperor qian long zhe the imperial concubine of the emperor and his daughter and Benjamin and fine princess, so plus a qianlong emperor’s concubines sweet princess,” jinling twelve women is a photo of the qianlong emperor family?What’s more, the fragrant concubine is also controversial as a mystery.Please look at the fifty-second self-statement of Xue Baoqin: “…When I was eight years old, I went to the West Coast with my father to buy foreign goods. There was a girl of zhenzhen kingdom, only fifteen years old. Her face was just like the beauty in western paintings, with yellow hair hanging in a bow, and her head was covered with coral, cat’s eyes, and emeralds.He was wearing a brocade jacket and sleeves of gold and silk.Wearing a Japanese sword, it is also inlaid with gold and treasure. It is not as beautiful as his painting.”In the book, the “Real kingdom” is the author’s “false language,” and there is no such country in reality.People have been trying to figure out which country it is, and there are many different opinions.Yesterday suddenly touched, I think “true true” may refer to Allah, “true true country” refers to the Western region of Islam.And Xue Baoqin is zhenzhen country this girl herself.This is because Xue Baoqin said that the true Chinese girl can sing Chinese poetry.Baochai then told the snail, “If you go to my place, you can tell us that a foreign beauty has come here to write a good poem. Please invite this’ poetry maniac ‘to look at it and bring us’ poetry nerds’.”Then xue Baoqin casually recited in front of the crowd, “Zhu Lou dreamed last night, and Shui Guo Yin tonight.”A song.The author of a Dream of Red Mansions is very good at taking the real as a fantasy.Since Xue Baochai said xue Baoqin was a “foreign beauty”, she must really be the girl from zhenzhen Country.The zhenzhen girls in Xue Baoqin’s mouth “have lianchui” : Lianchui refers to pigtails.Uyghur girls today like to wear a lot of pigtails.Xue Baoqin said, “Like the beauty in the western painting”, this western painting is likely to refer to The oil painting “Fragrant concubine military dress image” by Lang.Qianlong’s “Caizhi Tu”, hidden in the Qing court, the author of “A Dream of Red Mansions” and The author of “Fat Inkzhai”, as descendants of Aisin Gioro, had access to these paintings.For example, in the 23rd time: “Baoyu turned back, but Lin Daiyu came, carrying a flower hoe on her shoulder.” The “Collecting Zhi Tu” in the mouth of the Fat ink Slab refers to the “Collecting Zhi Tu” painted by Lang Shining for Emperor Qianlong. In the painting, Qianlong was dressed in Han costume, holding ganoderma lucidum in one hand and holding a sika deer lightly with one hand.Beside is the youth qianlong, carrying a hoe, carrying a basket of flowers, just like Lin Daiyu burying flowers.She compared the scene of Lin Daiyu’s burial to the painting “Collecting Zhi tu” by emperor Qianlong.In addition, hidden in the Yuanmingyuan Qinghui Pavilion “Full map”, “a Dream of Red Mansions” the author is also seen.The name “Grand View Garden” is derived from the imperial title “Grand View” of Emperor Qianlong in the Complete Picture of the Old Summer Palace.Therefore, it is not surprising that the author of “A Dream of Red Mansions” and The Author of “Fat Inkstone” had seen the oil painting of “Fragrant Concubine In Military Costume” hidden in the Qing Palace.Let’s look at the picture of Fragrant Imperial Concubine’s military Outfit again. The woman in the picture wears a Western helmet and armor.Hands akimbo, one hand holding the Japanese sword, heroic.It is very like xue Baoqin’s “beauty in Western painting”.As the original painting is not signed, there is controversy about this painting in the academic world.So how did this painting come about?The situation is as following: in 1914, when the cultural relics of the Summer Resort were transported to Peiping, a general general surnamed Zhu of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Government of the Republic of China saw the screen and asked, “Is it probably the statue of Fragrant Concubine?”So people believe that the figure in this painting is fragrant concubine.In 1949, the statue was shipped to Taiwan along with a large number of cultural relics and is now housed in the National Palace Museum in Taipei.But the National Palace Museum in Taipei is still careful to label the painting “pure oil painting” when it is on display.When was this painting done?Is it within the reasonable scope for a Dream of Red Mansions to become a book, that is, before 1754?Since Castiglione died in 1766, we can be sure that the painting was actually painted before 1766, within a very reasonable range.If “Fragrant imperial concubine military dress image” once proved to be drawn in “a dream of Red Mansions” into the book reasonable scope, then this thing is very funny, the author not only really read “fragrant imperial concubine military dress image”, but also by the author wrote in “a dream of Red Mansions”!The fragrant concubine has always been a mystery. According to legend, she was the concubine of emperor Qianlong and was called “fragrant Concubine” because she was covered with fragrance.Among the more than 40 concubines of emperor Qianlong, there was indeed a Uygur woman named Concubine Rong.It has always been considered as the “fragrant concubine” in the legend.But is Rong Fei xiang Fei after all?On this question, there is a dispute among historians.Concubine Rong was buried in three places: Kashgar in Xinjiang, Taoranting north in Beijing and Yuling Concubine Garden in Zunhua.In October 1979, the Qing Dynasty’s East Mausoleum Cultural Relics Museum cleaned up the underground palace of Concubine Rong, and found not only her remains, but also an 85cm long gray braid, proving that She was buried there.So who is the tomb of fragrant concubine in Kashgar, Xinjiang?According to legend, the woman’s name was Yipal Khan, who was also the concubine of emperor Qianlong.People called her “fragrant Concubine” because of her fragrance of jujube flowers.I think rong Fei and Xiang Fei should not be the same person.Concubine Rong did not enter the Qing Palace until the 24th year of Qianlong’s reign (1759), and the book was written in 1754, so She had nothing to do with the book.”Yipal Khan” may really be the archetype of Xue Baoqin!Perhaps, in the dream of the Red Chamber, everything is possible…For more information about the Drivel of the Qing Court, please refer to Lai Xiaowei’s Reevaluation of Stones.I never expected that The dream of red Mansions had been pointed out at the very first time by The Author.The dream of red Mansions not only did not appear Jiangning Cao Sun, but also surprised kangxi nine great-grandchildren, Hu Shi wrong 70 years!In fact, the portrait of Lin Daiyu and snow goose and Purple Cuckoo is painted on the “Snow Yan Map”!Qianlong’s birth mother really is han, more did not expect her name, write on the dream of red mansions!Qianlong’s words to Empress Xiao Xian Chun were written in a dream of red Mansions for the first time!