Large industrial dehumidifier ZD-8480C, large industrial dehumidification control

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There is more rain in spring and summer, while the weather is warmer, especially in southern China, which often causes a series of problems due to humidity.Zd-8480c Large industrial dehumidifier and ZD series intelligent humidity control dehumidifier can be widely used in factory workshops, warehouses, clean rooms, power distribution rooms, swimming pools, libraries, museums, underground parking lots and other large indoor places that require humidity control.Large industrial dehumidifier humidity will lead to many problems in industrial production: when the air humidity exceeds 70%RH some items are easy to be damp and mildew, such as wood, clothing cloth, etc..Drugs and foods that are susceptible to dampness are easily spoiled and harmful to human health.Air relative humidity is more than 80%RH mechanical equipment, metal parts, steel, etc.The surface is easy to corrosion and rust after galvanizing or painting.Large industrial dehumidifiers and some precision machinery and instrument workshops, due to dew, will lead to short circuit of power equipment, bringing safety risks.Therefore, in industrial production, the control of environmental humidity is very important, a little careless will cause huge economic losses.Industrial dehumidifier quickly reduce air humidity, avoid a series of problems caused by high humidity.Large industrial dehumidifiers For some places where the environmental conditions are prone to humidity, such as underground parking lots and warehouses, the humidity will not change with the change of weather, but there will be some delay.Some industrial sites, such as steam production workshops, are always accompanied by humidity, especially rainy days.In this case, professional and effective moisture-proof dehumidification measures must be taken. Zd-8480c Large industrial dehumidifier and ZD series intelligent humidity control dehumidifier.In addition to floor dehumidifiers, there are ceiling tube dehumidifiers to meet your various installation requirements.In addition, there are some industries need to dry, such as grain, tea, furniture paint and so on.Zd-8480c Large-scale industrial dehumidifier and ZD series intelligent humidity control dehumidifier can not only reduce the ambient humidity, but also increase the heating module, improve the ambient temperature, accelerate the drying speed of products, and improve the production efficiency.