The Chinese women’s football team beat Japan and reached the Final of the Asian Cup

2022-07-01 0 By

Women’s victory over Japan, really help men, after all, on the first day of the loss, let the Chinese soccer players a lot of pressure, now, it seems, is also being criticized by many people, but after the Chinese women’s soccer team beat Japan, at least it looks like most of the content is women’s day wins, but Chinese women’s soccer team for Japanese women’s looks are scenes of no advantage,But Chinese women’s soccer has stars, and that’s the key.Watch the game briefly.Women’s really spell, this can be seen, when the team won’t give up, at least in the women’s football game, in addition to the Asian women’s football game really will find opportunities for European teams, are basically level gap is not so obvious, and the women’s really is easy to appear a few mistakes, this can be found as long as see game.The Japanese women’s team showed their technical ability, is the Asian first-class, the Chinese women’s team’s fighting ability, at least in the women’s football level, or hit Japan have an advantage, so this is a rough relative technology team, a relatively good technical team, which is the focus of the game, eventually the Chinese team did not give up, at the time of backward,Second half goal equaliser, overtime fell behind, but also the last moment equaliser, in fact, the focus is still because of the star, this game is actually Wang Shuang did not appear, China team strength is down, but Wang Shanshan is really good.King cream should still because of injury, there is no way to play, but vian this game shows its own value, at least from the game, he came out at some critical moments, and it is into the equaliser on 118 minutes, the goal with really good, this is the value of a star, for the Chinese women’s team, although the level is obviously declined, but the team clearly there is a star,Vian and frost king of the Asian cup is demonstrated this effect, the is a star, so women’s football is Vietnam team star step out and help the team, after all, women’s football game, a defensive mistakes is normal, see who can grasp the opportunity of goal, obviously, the game of China star grasp the chances, the same old problems the Japanese women’s and men’s soccer,At least now or physical ability is not good, physical ability can not be said to be very good, but the technical ability is better than the Chinese team, maybe again play a game, the Chinese team may lose, but this game, can fight the Chinese team win, very good results.Finally, are believed to be compared the men’s and women’s, but it is necessary to compare and contrast no space, and it isn’t necessary, after all, women’s Asia could now five teams are professional league, but there are many men’s soccer team are professional league, and a lot of players although the domestic league is not professional league, but has to go abroad to play professional league, this is the key part,Is the men’s team should be at the time of 40 strong competition in Asia, most teams are professional players in the competition, competition is intense, and at least five players who play in Europe, this is also the key, so now the soccer competition is very fierce, is Chinese football really look in the era of jinyuan football to his illusion,Strong foreign players plus good domestic players are strong in Asia, but it seems that most of the best players in Asia are in European leagues.This world preliminary match obviously can see that Chinese men’s football team and Asian strong teams, even the second tier Asian teams have a gap, this is to know their level.Relative is four to five women’s Asia team competition, the Chinese team is one of the five teams, and the decline in the overall level of the Asian women’s soccer team is now, this is reality, American and European women’s level is very high now, because the family began to soccer mode operation, high levels of the game, this time the Asian team, there is no advantage,But now the Asian women’s soccer team may not be true king, Japan is markedly than in those days, the team can’t play now, South Korea can only say that work, the Chinese team level decline, such cases, who wins who all is possible, at least in the game against Japan, the Chinese women’s team by fighting and reasonable tactics, make the team win the ball.When the level gap is not particularly big to make up for, maybe do not give up may win, but need stars, the women’s football team Wang Shanshan and Wang Shuang performance are qualified, men’s football team who rely on?This is the problem with men’s football, which is leaderless.So, what does this show us?The level of women’s football is declining, but there are stars, and stars will make the team at least have someone to stand up in the crucial moment. The reason why men’s football team does not fight may be related to the league and the age of the players, and the key problem is that there is no star in men’s football team, who can stand up in the crucial moment, which is the problem.This is not a struggle to solve the problem.Maybe The Chinese men’s football team needs to cultivate a star and solve the following problems. One star can at least stand up and help the team not lose when playing against a weak team?