Middle-aged men without a mate, dying alone or irontrees in bloom?

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We are told, explicitly or forcefully, when we should go to school, work, get married, have children, and just follow that path to our happiness priorities.However, the actual situation and emotional state are an indescribable experience and process for us, because everyone wants a different life.Some people will say: no marriage no wife sad what?Is it the game or the wine?In addition to no motive power to make money, the day is always too tight outside, really feel what call years quiet good.A person wants to eat, wants to play to play, wants to go out to travel to travel, wants to return home to return home, can always be in the object, is not married.In reality, there are a lot of such people, and the house is messy and tidy.All the feelings you want, want to buy a thousand of them?You don’t need to wait for the express from the sky. Every package is what you want. This feeling is not to mention how happy it is.A 41-year-old old brother, after divorce back home to open a grocery store, everyday lying under the pine tree drinking and playing games.Then have time to go out to travel, live very happy.But do we really want to be single most of the time?Most of the reasons why poor people do not get married are because they are “poor”. Many of their original families are working class, and they are also at the bottom of the society. Many people think that such income can not support a family, and can not afford to have children.2 loneliness a lot of people lonely habit, also used to a person of all the life, also used to a person to bear all the emotions.Because lonely for a long time really do not want to have a person into their own life, they want to buy what to buy.I can do whatever I want. It’s so cool not to be alone.Although there is no money, but no disease, no disaster, there is no worries, in addition to no female popularity, other are very good, such people do not lack girlfriend, but someone into their own life will be very uncomfortable.But this is also a choice, everyone’s ambition is not the same, so do what you want to do, but also make yourself happy for a lifetime.3 time, space, emotional freedom time can be arranged at will or to waste, home decoration at will.Without a woman’s large number of clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics, the home will be very clean and simple, you can completely decorate the room as you want.Usually after work, you can take a shower and be naked, and the refrigerator is full of your favorite food and wine.All the space is only their own person, they are responsible for their own can.There are no inexplicable purchases of various things to fill, do not want to throw things, simple and straightforward.But it’s just another option, and it’s a combination of a lot of factors.There are active and passive, many, many forces crisscrossing, it’s hard to say.Because this is an individual and external fate life and diversification, ideals, interests are not the same.Such diversified values, just like the saying, you are a scientist, I am a salesman, he is the chairman of the board, we all have a bright future, is the world should be like.Sometimes we hope that people will be different, but we should seek common ground while reserving differences. We should respect each other’s way of life and choices on the premise of not violating public order and good customs.Between our choices, there are only different ideas brought by many reasons, such as talent, environment and experience, and there is no higher or lower level of life.I’m Chongyang, and we’ll see you next time!The pictures in this article come from the network, copyright belongs to the original author, infringement will be deleted this article by meaning heart emotion original, shall not be reproduced without authorization, infringement will be prosecuted