Yang Zhen: The Blues are committed to the champions League

2022-06-30 0 By

West Brom were surprised yesterday to keep Carroll on as carum Robinson scored the only goal of the game in the second half as Fulham won, drew and lost their three away games this week.Looking back, it was difficult away from home, with fulham having the advantage of possession and the lack of full-court chances.Last night in the Champions League, Ajax lost straight away cold, but no surprise;The Red devils were on the scoresheet, however, and there was confusion when Rangnick left the French midfielder on the bench on Paul pogba’s birthday.Atletico, in particular, were clearly determined to defend, and it was hard to understand why the more creative Pogba did not start.Today’s Champions League, one thing is moving, this ball must publicly praise Hafferts.Lille VS Chelsea campaign pitch: minus Chelsea have won two games in a row in the Premier League since the sanctions were imposed, the manager and the players are still focused on the pitch, and we have not heard Tuchel say anything outside the sport.Due to budget constraints on club matches, Chelsea would normally not be able to afford to travel from England to Lille, France, and tuchel had previously suggested that if the team did not have the money to buy a plane ticket, they could travel in a seven-seater commercial car.But before today’s game, hafferts, who scored the knockout shot in the last round, publicly said, “It doesn’t matter if the team flies and stays at the hotel. I pay for it.”Hafferts is not a Chelsea youth player, and as a German striker who has not been with the blues for a long time, the statement will make the premier League manager feel embarrassed.At the same time, after the travel problem is solved, the players will naturally become more cohesive.Lille lost 2-0 to Chelsea in the first leg and must win by two clear goals to stand a chance.For Chelsea, the schedule is difficult, the team has the FA cup game next week, coupled with the sanction factor, this game Chelsea double lille market heat is not high.But the decline of the Ligue 1 champions is still evident, and this is not enough to arm the world champions Chelsea.In terms of the squad, Rhys James and Massimo odoyi are absent from the lille squad, but the return of xabi Alonso and Azpilicueta from injury has given the blues a fresh boost.It is not a bad thing that Chelsea look weak at home, exponentially speaking, and I am confident that the blues, with their superior cohesion, will beat Lille again away from home.