Why no play-offs?Can westbrook stay with the Lakers after saying they played too few games together

2022-06-29 0 By

The Lakers lost to the SUNS 110-121 in the NBA playoffs on April 6.Westbrook, who finished with 28 points, missed the playoffs for the first time in seven years.After the game, Westbrook said he was disappointed with the result and explained why he thought the Lakers had failed this season.Westbrook has been under suspicion since he was traded to the Lakers, but whether he was ridiculed by the outside world or the lakers were criticized, Westbrook’s attitude has always been tough and confident that the Lakers can win the championship and let everyone see the result.But now that the final decision has been made, Westbrook can no longer hold his tongue.”It’s disappointing on every level.But at this point, there’s not much we can do.”Westbrook said in a postgame interview.So how did the Lakers, with their Big three, hall of Famers and 75 stars, end up not making the playoffs?Westbrook blamed too many injuries for the lakers’ failure, especially the fact that he, Lebron James and Kobe Bryant didn’t play enough games together.”We wanted to see what we could, what we could do with all three of us in an 82-game season, but that premise wasn’t guaranteed, it was just a plan that couldn’t be committed.””Westbrook said.The lakers’ big three have played just 21 games so far this season, which is a big reason why the lakers are out of the play-offs.So Westbrook took the opportunity to pledge his loyalty to the Lakers, saying, “I can stay true to what I believe in.No matter what happens to me or to us, no matter what happens, I’ll keep fighting.”Westbrook clearly wants to spend another season with Lebron James and Timberlake, but the question is, will the Lakers keep him after such a disappointing season?With his $47 million salary set for next season, the Lakers won’t have any cap space if they don’t let him go, so the chances of Westbrook playing more with a healthy Jamie aren’t going to be that great.