Maiji District held a ceremony to send migrant workers to work in 2022

2022-06-29 0 By

At the beginning of the New Year, Maiji District made arrangements as early as possible, actively organized and mobilized labor intermediaries and labor brokers in the district to collect enterprise recruitment information, and carried out online and offline recruitment through the Internet and mobile APP. The labor transfer work in the district has achieved obvious results.On February 9, Maiji District held a ceremony to send off more than 300 migrant workers to work in Suzhou Qunoptronics Co., LTD.Maiji District recruited more than 300 migrant workers through labor service agencies and organized a migrant transfer activity.Ruan Honghong, a recruitment agent at Suzhou Qunguang Electronics Co LTD, said: “Everything in our factory is very well-paid, including air-conditioned dormitories and air-conditioned workshops.I am now in charge of recruiting people to bring our old folks from Tianshui, Gansu province out to earn more money.””I saw the recruitment information in kuaishou, learned that the factory in Suzhou is quite good treatment, I want to do a good job, now is quite looking forward to.”Mai ji ma Run spring town Hu Wang village workers li hao said.”This year, maiji District Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security Labor Office early action, early arrangements, early deployment, make full use of the ‘Spring Breeze Action’ and ‘Employment assistance month’ these two activities as an opportunity, organized and held one online job fair, in-depth villages and towns to carry out offline job fair 8 times, providing employment enterprises more than 200, more than 50,000 jobs.The more than 300 people sent to Jiangsu for work have opened a good beginning for our labor work. There will be buses of 70 or 80 people to continue to be sent tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. We will also do a good job in labor transfer work in the whole region as always.”Mai ji district bureau of labor service office deputy director Xu Fangfang introduced to reporters.In addition, in this labor transfer work, the relevant units of Maiji District conducted a physical examination for all the migrant workers and provided health certificates to the employing units to ensure the smooth employment of migrant workers.Before departure, the relevant person in charge of the district Human Resources and Social Security Bureau also told everyone to seriously study the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control, strictly implement the prevention and control measures, wear masks, wash hands frequently, do not crowd, to ensure their own safety;To carry forward tianshui people not afraid of hardship, practical spirit, with excellent skills, solid style and good performance back to society, back to the family;We should safeguard individual rights and interests, protect them in accordance with the law, provide timely feedback on difficulties and problems encountered, and the government will do a good job in safeguarding the rights and interests of migrant workers.