Cars also need to be healthy!Jetway X90 Zilong “Maternal and child Health cabin” protects healthy life

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A trending topic on Weibo recently was “What will you do after the epidemic is over?” Many friends said that after the epidemic is over, they should get rid of urban prosperity and go to nature to “wash their lungs.”During this period, the large-scale outbreak of COVID-19 has once again reminded us of the importance of our own health.And health includes not only their own physical health, but also environmental health.As a matter of fact, even without the COVID-19 outbreak, people have been paying increasing attention to air quality in recent years due to the high incidence of smog and PM2.5, which frequently hit the ceiling.And, we not only pay attention to the indoor environment, for the “second home” of the car environment, also put forward higher and higher requirements, a good car not only in the appearance, performance, safety configuration and other excellent, can let a person in the car comfortable breathing, is also very important.The health of the cockpit is not just equipped with CN95 air conditioning filters.In fact, there are many sources of car odor, but there are three main types of health impact: interior odor, air conditioning odor and car odor.Therefore, from the root, only the purchase of a truly environmentally friendly, healthy car is the most effective way to avoid the problem of odor.From the source to create a healthy cockpit, see jietu X90 son dragon how to do a healthy enough car, first of all, its interior material selection and process must be enough environmental protection, followed by its air conditioning system to be strong enough to intercept pollutants outside the car.Have you ever gotten into a car on a summer day and had a pungent smell in your face?This is because high temperature exposure further increases the volatilization of interior organic compounds (VOC), mainly including benzene, toluene, xylene, ethylbenzene, styrene, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and acrolein and other 8 “high-risk molecules”.Among them, benzene and formaldehyde are a class of carcinogens clearly defined by the World Health Organization, and the other six are secondary carcinogens. It can be seen that VOC in the car is extremely harmful to health, and it is a gas worthy of the name.VOC often comes from the vehicle interior itself, many cars just off the production line will directly enter the market, all kinds of accessories and materials harmful gas is not released, installed in the car plastic parts, carpet, roof felt, sofa, if not strictly in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection, will directly cause air pollution in the car, smell.These peculiar smell often makes the driver feel very uncomfortable, serious will also make people dizzy spin, chest distress and other discomfort, long-term inhalation too much, will harm health.This invisible killer needs to be tackled at its source.To have “maternal and child health cabin,” said the Jie way X90 child dragon as an example, with high standards selected 118 kinds of environmental protection materials, the seat, steering wheel, door guard, instrument panel, sub-instrument panel, ceiling, carpet and other key parts of one by one coverage.Take glue for example, Jieway X90 son long in the interior of a large area using aldehyde free water-soluble glue, compared with ordinary car interior commonly used neoprene glue, this glue is not to formaldehyde and will decompose formaldehyde substances as direct raw materials, green and healthy.It is worth mentioning that jetu X90 Zilong also includes the evaluation of healthy material selection in the 5A certification of CN95 Health cabin obtained by China Automobile Research Institute in 2021.China Auto Research institute is from the fresh air, antibacterial sterilization, healthy material selection, electromagnetic clean and low noise sound insulation and other five dimensions of the health assessment of the car cabin, only five were excellent respectively to obtain 5A evaluation, further proves that jietu X90 zilong in healthy material selection is trustworthy.On the premise of eliminating vehicle interior pollution, external air pollution can not be underestimated.Now our external air pollution is more and more serious, PM2.5 index is higher and higher, car exhaust also contains carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and so on.If these pollution gases through the window and air conditioning system into the car, although not immediately sick, but long-term inhalation will harm health.Therefore, to ensure the healthy air quality of the car, a strong air conditioning system is particularly important.Jetu X90 zillon adopts the combined configuration of CN95 level safe air filter element +PM2.5 intelligent air purification + anion healthy fresh air system.According to the China Automotive Engineering Research Institute and other authoritative institutions test results, loaded with the filter jieway X90 zilong air conditioning system for PM2.5 actual filtration efficiency of more than 96%, effectively block smoke, haze, dust and bacteria and other pollutants, and anion generator is responsible for making the air more fresh and healthy,Negative ions can effectively remove harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene, and adsorb and capture pollutants, soot, bacteria and microorganisms suspended in the air.Besides, anion still has “air vitamin” say, anion oxygen concentration is higher, more advantageous to human body health.According to the standard of the World Health Organization, when the measurement value of anion oxygen concentration reaches 1000–1500 /cm³, it is called fresh air. In the detection of domestic professional experimental institutions, the anion concentration at the outlet of The Jie Way X90 Zilong air conditioner exceeds 20000 /cm³, which is far beyond the standard of fresh air. It can be described as a natural oxygen bar worthy of the name.It is understood that the deputy director of the department of psychological medicine said: “When going out in private cars, ensuring the family in a comfortable and relaxed environment can help children increase their sense of freedom and pleasure, and promote physical and mental health.”In fact, not only this, comfortable and healthy car environment is the care of all drivers and passengers, like jietuo X90 zilong such “maternal and infant health cabin”, can be said to use a higher health standard, so that users can feel at ease to enjoy warm mobile space.I believe that seeing here, there have been friends curious, when can such a healthy car market?According to the latest news, Jetto X90 dragon will be officially launched on February 28, interested friends can continue to pay attention to.