Test drive Jetto X90 PLUS: the perfect choice for the 100,000-class midsize SUV

2022-06-27 0 By

Under the boost of “two-child” or even “three-child” policy, the mid-size SUV market has become one of the most concerned market segments with the largest potential growth space.In this segment, there are both benchmark joint venture models such as Highlander and more cost-effective independent models such as Star Rangmoon, Trumpchi GS8 and Jetto X90.Recently, a “founded three years accumulative total more than 400000 sales” jie road car, introduced a new model again express way X90 PLUS (image) | | configuration inquiry.On the evening of September 17, Jetway X90 PLUS launch conference held in Beijing Happy Valley, house, mansion, courtyard, villa and manor and other five models of the official price range of 101,900 ~ 139,900 yuan.At the same time, we can also enjoy the whole series of models 6000 yuan discount and triple happy treatment, that is, happy price 95,900 yuan to 133,900 yuan, and the whole vehicle life warranty, 0 down payment /0 interest and lifelong free flow and other benefits.If I remember correctly, in my career of more than ten years, this is the first model to be launched in Happy Valley. Jetway also invited many owners’ families to participate in the evening, which can be said to fit the positioning of Jetway X90 PLUS as a “big family happy car”.Li Xueyong, vice general manager and general manager of marketing Center of Chery Holding ¬∑JETOUR Automobile, said in an interview with the media that JETOUR X90 PLUS, together with JETOUR X90 and JETOUR X90 PLUS, will provide users with more diversified choices and create a real national car for every dream seeker of The Times.In the past two years, the rapid rise in market share of Chinese brands, including Jetway, is inseparable from the efforts of Chinese brands.Although many consumers still have fixed brand thinking that the quality of joint venture models is more stable, many Chinese brand models, including Jetto X90 PLUS, still use their own strength to change consumers’ cognition and thinking set, and achieve the double improvement of sales and brand power.Powerdynamically, jetway X90 PLUS offers two turbocharged engines, 1.5T and 1.6T, with a maximum power of 115kW from the 1.5T, matched to a six-speed manual or six-speed dual-clutch gearbox.The 1.6T engine is Chery’s “Kunpeng Power” with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox and a maximum power of 145kW. Even if a family of six goes out together, the power is sufficient.One thing that owners of a large 7-seater SUV really want is calm.Jetway X90 PLUS uses more than 50 high quality acoustic absorption and damping materials, with 28 stereo sound insulation technology processing, to create a quiet 36 decibel cockpit, so that families from noise disturb enjoy a comfortable journey.At the same time, the volume of the backroom of the five-seat model is 1130L, which can be easily handled whether it is daily load or family outing.And when the back seats fall down, it can even expand into a 2.21-meter bed room.It can be said that Jietu has always been deeply ploughing the “travel +” market, striving to practice the brand concept of “defining the journey with action”.Finally, the Jetway X90 PLUS is also available as a 7-seater and a 6-seater, although we tested the five-seater version.It can be said that to meet the needs of users, Jietu is really practicing the “user thinking” – what users need, Jietu will provide what.At the launch conference, Li Xueyong summed up jetto X90 PLUS’s three selling points: “Much larger space;More, more, more intelligence;Good good good better quality.”After three days of in-depth test drive, we believe that in addition to these three main advantages, jetway X90 PLUS has greatly improved in all aspects, can be said to be very in line with its “family happy car” positioning, and will definitely become the first choice of more and more “family” car purchase.