How does certificate of division of national 2 class psychology seek advice take an examination of what condition to need

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(1) Applicants who meet one of the following conditions can apply for the examination of Level 3 Psychological counselors :1. Graduates with college degree or above of this major or related majors;2. Obtain college diploma or above of a non-professional or related major, reach the required standard class hours through the psychological counselor level 3 formal training, and obtain the training certificate;3. Have worked in this profession for more than 10 years after obtaining the graduation certificate of this major or related major from secondary vocational colleges;4. Students with junior college or higher education are allowed to participate in the vocational skill test of Level 3 in the second semester of their third year. Students with education, medicine, psychology and prison science can apply for the test.Students of other non-related majors must attend the training for a certain number of hours and obtain a certificate of completion before they can apply for the exam.1) to improve the quality of life, to strengthen their self-cultivation 2) to increase their professional competition soft power, so that their own career in their own career to get more space for development.3) Be more confident in interpersonal communication (know yourself and know your opponent)4) Better adjust your psychology in the face of difficulties or setbacks.5) Become a free mental health doctor for family and friends.Documents required for registration: ID card, academic certificate, paper application form (must be filled out and signed by the examinee)Download the paper application form, print the blank application form, and fill it out by hand.Fill in the electronic registration Form: Psychological Counseling training Comprehensive Examination Registration Form (electronic version) 3.Upload application materials, a total of 5 pictures