Save drunk man Nandu experimental middle school Wu Xing classmate good job

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Nanyang network news (reporter Liu Wan Dou Wenshuai) “at that time the situation is very dangerous, I was afraid he slipped into the water.”On January 17, when the reporter contacted nanyang City duck river area south experimental middle school middle school students Wu Xing, the big boy some shyly said.Wu Xing SMW experimental middle school middle school students on January 15, in the evening, Wu Xing classmates and schoolmates in the holiday on the way home, through the nanzhao bridge in the new century, found a lights on electric cars parked on the side of the road, no one around, Wu Xing thought if someone in the fishing, remind him on the car, they look down a reminder,A man was found lying on the sand raised in the river under the bridge, drunk and muttering to himself.Because it was night, there were no pedestrians on the road, and the man was confused and in danger of falling headfirst into the water at any time. The mobile phones of Wu Xing and his classmates had no electricity, so the situation was very urgent.While chatting with the man to distract his attention, Wu xing asked fellow students to shout for passing cars. When he stopped the second car passing by, he happened to meet the man’s friend, who was looking for him. They worked together to lift the man up and called 110 and 119.Wu xing and his classmates returned home after finishing the interview with the police in the suburbs of Nanzhao County.After the event, Wu Xing knew that the man was a nearby resident, drunk that day, dazed down.”If it weren’t for Xiao Wu, I would have drowned.”Mention the scene of the day, the parties are very grateful to Wu Xing.Chen Fucheng, chairman of nandu Experimental Middle School in Nanyang City, told reporters that Wu was a hard-working and motivated student in the school, and his brave deeds were praised by teachers and students.Chen Fucheng said that school education students to meet others danger occurs, the protect their own safety of life at the same time, according to the actual situation, see YiZhi for, for a long time, SMW experimental middle school in pay attention to students’ education at the same time, also in improving the students’ moral level, promote the all-round development of students, cultivate the new era of sunshine teenager.