Palace lock aloes ending

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In the final episode of the movie, Aloes, played by Zhou Dongyu, and Yinxiang, played by Chen Xiao, finally get together and start a beautiful new life.And Zhao Liying as glass was shot, not a good death.”Palace Lock Aloes” is a period costume romance film starring Zhou Dongyu, Chen Xiao, Zhao Liying, Zhu Zixiao and others. It is the fourth part of the “Palace” series.The film focuses on the tortuous love story between Zhou Dongyu, who plays a palace maid named Aloes, and Chen Xiao, who plays Yinxiang, the 13th son of Emperor Kangxi.After two people all previous experience a variety of tribulations and misunderstanding, harvest happiness together finally.Aloes and Zhao Liying played the glass with the palace maid, two people at the beginning of the palace relationship is very good, aloes pure kindness, in the palace soon after the thirteen elder brother Yin Xiang fell in love.And coloured glaze natural disposition is strong, one wishes to stand out, looking forward to be able to encounter elder brother and then become their concubine all the time, change phoenix.Coloured glaze for their own goals, not hesitate to betray against agalloch.Through the plan of coloured glaze, she marries nine a Ge Yin successfully 禟, but two people do not love each other, nine a Ge Yin 禟 is naturally cunning, stratagic extremely deep, in the marriage relation with coloured glaze, two people are using each other all the time.But Yin 禟 actually likes aloes, so liuli and Yin 禟 bring a lot of trouble to their relationship.Fortunately, however, the cloud finally opened to see the moon. The two kind-hearted people, Aloes and Yinxiang, were finally happy together.Coloured glaze was also shot.The ending is also comforting to the audience.